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 much more...

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At a Glance;
  people come here or are recommended because they want something special  
Craig Santini-G is a truly exceptional  and inspiring, transformational  life change therapist, and coach, renowned for helping people treat the most difficult problems when they had previously been told there was no hope – find lasting freedom from issues, beliefs, pain and emotional trauma that limit or hold them back… or have a myriad of goals they want to achieve, and be their BEST.  His clients over the years include A – list celebrities and many business professionals around the world, other therapists, doctors, teenagers and probably people just like you…

Experience  Craig’s s cutting-edge next generation techniques, and special alternative Psychotherapy- Counselling,  He is a leading hypnotherapy expert and so much more… London Harley Street W1, Uk Locations, USA, Dubai, Spain and skype.
For the best solutions to help you, explore this  page & website, videos and links to discover How he can help you too in so many different ways.

The difference that makes – the Difference

This is where
extraordinary changes happen…

Gold star rating celebrity life coach

The theme  about this website – and what Craig does, is about Change….
Now you too can join the many hundreds of people around the globe that have transformed their life  in different key areas, overcome their biggest toughest personal challenges…and achieved their often most audacious goals, dreams, well beyond what they ever thought possible, experience inner and outer success  at a whole new level – and much more….
No matter who you are, there’s always a gap between where you are now, and where
you want to BE.

Dedicated to helping you. And Thrive in every key ares of your life!
Transformational Coaching, Advanced Hypnotherapy expert, Alternative Psychotherapy and so much more – for  those who want the best results ….
You may already know Craig Santini-G  for over two decades been helping people with his wide range of  specialised sought after services and expertise… and a behind the scenes  ‘secret weapon’ on the speed dial of celebrities and sports figures from London to Hollywood, VIP’s… and a favourite with many global business professionals, entrepreneurs & their families seek out Craig’s services and solutions – some mentioned now coming up….

 In short people come here Internationally from ALL walks of life for a variety of reasons…
And whether now, or in the future can help you too, in so many unimaginable ways you haven’t yet realised or thought of!
Here now an overview:

Perhaps you are here on this specialised website or likely been recommended in short for Craig’s renowned results, expertise, and  powerful solutions for the issues you maybe are facing –  for example;
A leader in the treatment of phobias, fears, anxiety & panic attacks.

Panic attack expert help USA-London-DubaiChange What’s Not Working NOW!
Craig  specializes helping people from around the world become free with some of the toughest things imaginable;
Phobias, fears, anxiety,  confidence, PTSD, Addictions to name a few as you are invited to explore this site and Craig’s rapid results solutions, profound change work  for you or someone you care about… Are you ready for a conversation that changes everything for you?

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.”

Experience his powerful next generation break-through techniques and must have solutions he has developed that gets extraordinary rapid results – Discover the endless possibilities that await you AND to finally release  past traumas, depression, emotional issues, bad habits, lack of direction, motivation or drive see below….

Are you ready to Create a NEW you and way of Living?
Unique taylor made programs/sessions like no other… to help you resolve many of life’s issues, challenges, to heal old wounds and build powerful inner resources – creating a new way of being…. and get the breakthrough, turnaround and transformation you are looking for.

Maybe you are looking to make behavioural changes have Lack of Direction ~ or Motivation…perhaps like a lot of calls each week to Craig, you want to increase your self-esteem, and become more confident – feel relaxed and in control?

If you’re ready to get everything you can from yourself and your life right now personally or professionally – and at a whole new level...
Flourish, grow, transform,  make quantum leaps, and create with ease & joy – it’s time to get started with Craig – Join him for a gentle tap on the shoulder and wake up to a world of new possibilities!

You’re  in the right place and about to discover what Craig can do FOR YOU!

greenstar-bigOne of the most sought after inspiring life change therapist & Coach
Craig Santini-G  has unwittingly building an ‘underground’ reputation as the go-to guy; 
It’s all here. Craig is a truly exceptional and effective change agent  with countless clients personally and professionally  around the world, you are in good company  from the Hollywood movie stars,  Celebrities, , top major sporting personalities , to the great many Business Professionals men and women – and people from all walks of life wanting his expertise and services…hundreds of members of the general public who have experienced his extraordinary results and transformations.

New year, new you… Create the life changes you want and overcome the obstacles and limitations that are in the way of  fulfilling your true potential.

What Craig has pioneered is way beyond therapy. Beyond life coaching. Beyond hypnosis and Beyond high performance coaching.

 Our global clients come here because they want something special and not the ordinary, and in turn we can help you produce extraordinary results enabling people to get the best from themselves …. in business, health and wellness, and personal improvement. And their lives  have changed beyond all recognition.
Clients in London, Hollywood, Dubai, Marbella Spain, Cape Town South Africa, Europe...
Craig consults, coaches and works  by normally invitation and referral only.

Making the impossible-possible and helping you achieve the extraordinary.
For you, that might mean

Client come to Craig who want to go to  beyond the next level  be their very best version of themselves and raise the bar…. or with a myriad of important, big goals they’d like to accomplish…optimum high performance strategies – mindset and getting the edge.

You, Unleashed!
Have you ever wondered what you’re really capable of? What would come through you and to you if you were really able to get out of your own way? 
Experience Craig’s high performance coaching consultancy services

no1Or helping individuals with seemingly insurmountable challenges turn themselves around – Craig has  created an array of exceptional powerful solutions and his one- of- a-kind expertise to the complex challenges we face in today’s world.
Game changer and The first choice for many around the world, especially the fact he can so often even help you  by his hugely popular live video sessions via skype or similar  and a wonderful complete game changer learn more here.

Maybe at your wits end – tried everything or think you have an insolvable problem?

OCD Phobias-Anxiety-Expert Help Specialist-USA-Uk- London-Spain- UAECraig  is renowned for getting results where other’ can’t….maybe you are  really struggling and looking for a big breakthrough and  to  turnaround  very quickly some personal challenges and elements of your life which might be (often daily) negatively impacting you….Trauma, addictions, eating- issues, confidence, love hurt, etc, so many people have found his unique brand of powerful magical change and abilities indispensable and for many  ‘life changing.’ People just like you, who want to make a positive change in their lives.  See more below and explore this website.
(***Note*** at this time a Waiting list  is highly possible –  cancellations re schedules do come up  please inquire).

quote (1)One of the world’s most successful Hypnotherapist Expert, Life & Success coach – and much more in USA, London, Dubai, Europe and International locations.

Now you too can experience Craig’s special techniques and must have solutions he has developed including his schema repatterning therapy and others….

alt=Maybe your looking to make important habitual changes in your life, such as stopping smoking, or you want to lose weight, to finally and once and for all – stop the constant years of self-sabotage and you’d love to achieve your ideal shape and size?

Think you have an ‘insolvable’ problem?


Or been in ‘Counselling’ for many months or years?
Struggling with Relationships, grief, addictions, confidence/self esteem etc?

Craig  has revolutionized the Psychotherapy and Counselling profession and what is possible
by reducing treatment time from years or months down to hours or minutes And  for each and every client Craig designs bespoke highly personalized, deeply transformative suite of services and programs tailored specifically  to and for you…for creating lasting change & causing massive shifts in people and transformational results.
In short Craig’s Powerful Alternative Psychotherapy – Counselling!

Radical Transformations and Breakthroughs
…As many say; ‘It’s as if he flips a switch and the problem is gone.’

His extraordinary results and sought after diverse expertise in demand worldwide speak for themselves.

Bespoke Service and Solutions;

 Personal and Professionally
Craig Santini-G delivers his unique brand of self improvement, change and goal achievement
to people just like you.
Includes individuals from some of the best known companies in the world.

Best therapist London Uk - USA-Dubai-Spain.

People from every walk of life have used Craig’s transformational range of services, coaching, consultancy and experienced his private special retreats and workshops…

Breakthrough Coaching expert-Hypnotherapy-London-USA

CEO’s, teenagers, stay at home mums… Business Professionals, and People around the world have completely had major breakthroughs with his help and expertise, or helping them get their lives back!

Clients worldwide USA-Dubai-Spain- London-UK

Craig Santini-G
In Demand Worldwide

For his diverse services and expertise…


Beyond-Optimum-Performance1B Opt

‘The People Optimizer’ 

Popular Areas Of This Website –
at a Quick Glance;

speaking phobia nerves Help expert

Celebrities, Business Professionals
Men And Women
Go-to choice!

Speaking presenting nerves Help-USA-LOndon-Dubai

Addiction Turnaround and Breakthroughs
Highly experienced working with sensitive issues such as  cocaine addiction in  city traders and senior executives

Addictions Help Expert in London-USA-Dubai- Europe

Any Phobias, Fears Specializes in
Extreme Cases no matter how long…

Phobia cure Best expert -LOndon Uk- Dubai-USA-Spain -Skype

WEIGHT LOSS  Struggles and
Emotional Eating Problems…

Lose weight Hypnosis Expert USA-Dubai-UAE-Kuwait-London-UK

Transform, Stop Panic Attacks & Anxiety


Hypnosis expert London, USA, Dubai, Life coaching Professionals -Contact info

Make a choice today, to make a change for tomorrow!
Book the conversation that could make all the difference in your life.

Test Jaquie 9 years problem solved

Eating Disorder expert Craig santini -New York - London

Disclaimer: We are obliged to say as with all types of therapy – results may vary per person and are dependent on many factors.

 *Nothing is off limits  Craig helps literally countless people who had often given up all hope from their struggles….
And indeed many of the people that come to him for diverse things have already tried other forms of therapy & help

that didn’t work for them.
The difference that makes –  the Difference, that changes everything…

If there is anything in your life that you are doing that you do not want to do…
or anything you are not doing –  that you do want to do?

 Everything you need is right here; Whether he’s Transforming his clients health, wealth,  their careers,  personal performance and business…. to something that is s unrecognizable and far beyond anything they imagined….or your toughest personal  big challenges. Even the most successful people struggle with parts of their lives that just don’t seem to fall into line.

Craig transforms his clients’ lives and their results
in the most profound and positive way –  for over 23 years.

See how he can work with you using skype or zoom  video live session – A total game changer for so many wherever you are – for immediate action and change.

Infinite Possibilities
Craig Santini-G shining the light on what is possible
Exceptional Services for Exceptional Individuals…

Re-writing Your Past,
Transform your future…
Make The Rest Of Your Life, The Best Of Your Life!

alt=There gets to be a time in everyone’s life when you know deep inside that it’s time for you to leave the old “you” behind and step into the next big version of who you’re really meant to be and what you’re meant to do… 
Signature Craig

He  has pioneered a unique Integrated Approach…you’ll get transformational counselling, super coaching and Craig’s amazing advanced hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and powerful cutting-edge next generation accelerated change tools and methods he has developed – catalyzing insights and wisdom, magical breakthroughs and learning!
Craig designs highly personalized, deeply transformative suite of services and programs for his clients and many numerous discerning affluent Clientele.  Central London W1 Harley Street other UK locations, USA, Hollywood, Dubai, Zurich Switzerland.

Please take your time explore the rest of this  new updated website
(a work in progress with
some pages!) and Craig and his support team look forward to hearing from you.

CLICK HERE to find out more and to have a conversation that could change everything. Or simply contact us when you are ready to explore more how he might best help you.

Belive in better – Life beyond limits…
Now discover for yourself  How Craig Santini-G can help you too

Rapid Results Solutions – Programs, Unique and expert help is right here!

NOTE** For Online skype help coaching, change therapy, Hypnosis and much more, see here or at main menu – Live video sessions with Craig.

Clients visit The Ultimate Therapist and Hypnosis Expert Craig Santini-G from all over the UK, USA United States of America, Dubai – UAE and Europe

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Craig takes Hypnosis, Counselling, Therapy, Life Coaching, modern Psychology –  to Way Beyond the Next Level…