The Ultimate Therapist – and Hypnosis Expert

“Craig Santini-G  One of the worlds most successful:

Hypnotherapy Expert, Life  & Success Coach –   Profound Gifted Healer & Therapist – and much more…
Now Discover…
And Thrive in every key are of your life!

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Interested To Find Out What We Do? Well, Start With SOME OF These above.
Sharing our Best with You So You Can be Your Best! 

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Craig takes Hypnosis, Counselling, Therapy, Life Coaching, modern Psychology and Holistic Natural Healing –  to Way Beyond the Next Level… 

  London, Hollywood, Dubai, Marbella Spain, Cape Town South Africa, Mexico...

Clients around the world who have found his unique  brand of magic and abilities indispensable and ‘life changing’, including numerous A-list celebrities from the world of film, music, television, sporting and media industries, as well as hundreds of members of the general public who have experienced his extraordinary results and transformation.

IMPORTANT: read this page carefully in its entirety –   because you’re  about to discover the endless possibilities that await you.. and  find out for yourself  HOW Craig Santini-G  can help you or someone you know…

and in unimaginable ways you may not have begun to realize YET….

“Craig Santini-G is The Go-to-Guy that makes the Impossible…POSSIBLE!”

SAS_starAn Electrifying Catalyst for Amazing:
Personal AND  Professional Transformation!


He Up Levels You To Be Your Best VERSION of YOU…

Personally – Professionally

(And in Sport-Where The Best Come To!)


SAS_star Specialising in  Really Tough cases such as:

Severe Phobias,  OCD,  ANY Addictions, Physical Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Confidence, Panic Attacks, PTSD  (helping many military veterans) 
Weight Struggles, Quit Smoking

& MUCH more!


Discover more here click on links:

Cure your Severe phobias OCD,  Panic attacks here

Best addiction  expert Help

**Think you have an ‘insolvable’ problem?


Or been in ‘Counselling’ for many months or years?

struggling with Relationships/Love hurt…grief, addictions, confidence/self esteem etc?

Craig Santini-G totally fixes people in just hours that traditional counselling simply cannot do – all coming up, you’re about to discover in this website….

(Heck, he even Guarantees his work with you-unheard of!)

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How do I contact the speakmans- and get help -Craig Santini alternative expert

The field of pure possibility – the space where miracles happen. 

Think you have an Insurmountable problem?
Bring your biggest problem and challenges!

Craig  has traveled the world with his powerful rapid results therapy he has
developed – helping countless people for over 19 years radically improve their lives and finally be free. From  many business professionals, Ceo’s  to people from ALL walks of life…

And Craig Santini is the secret weapon on the speed dial of celebrities and sports figures from London to Hollywood...



NOW get ready to rock your world…

Craig doesn’t just change people – he Transforms them!

Their Lives, Business, Health, Well-being, Success and  Results –  have changed beyond all recognition…

Client Guided Principle Hypnosis expert

Complete Mind Therapy for ANY challenge…

Experience Craig’s unique brand of magic Complete Mind Therapy tailor made sessions and programs – that have been consistently shown to be able to help most any person, with most any issue, habit, depression, addiction, confidence, severe fear or phobia… or indeed a whole gamut of ANYTHING you can think of literally from A thru to Z within even a single 60 to 90 minute rapid results turnaround – tailored treatment session!


‘The People Optimizer’ – and Expert in The Power of  the Human Mind…

Optimum Performance and  Mindset.

Whether you NEED the edge,  strategy, consistently achieve ultimate performance… or you’re experiencing personal challenges – and need  of a TURNAROUND or a BREAKTHROUGH fast...


Maybe at your wits end – tried everything or think you have an insolvable problem?

A warm welcome you’ve come to the right place!

Craig Santini-G and Hypnosis Expert help people world-wide and 75% he works these days over the phone!Craig Santini-G  is The ‘secret weapon’ to Corporate CEOs, A-list celebrities from London to Hollywood, the world of modeling, sporting and media well as many hundreds of members of the general public over the last 19 years who have experienced his extraordinary brand of  transformations and  rapid results!

And he would like to help you too, or perhaps someone you care about…

***Read about Craig Santini -G. Here>>

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Many people from all walks of life  world-wide have turned around their BIGGEST Challenges and found Craig’s rapid results & unique abilities life changing

Experience Craig’s signature “Breakhrough Transformations” ”that enables him to bring about complete changes and  behavior in people in  extraordinary rapid results breaking times.

Undeniable results usually within a single 60 to 90 minute session! Be it on the phone, via Internet or in person… or his many transformational seminars and retreats  delivered around the world personal and corporate.

In short, Craig Santini-G can help you too in unimaginable ways you may not have begun to realize yet…

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Craig Santini rapid results Therapy and helpBEFORE you continue:
The demand for Craig’s services and expertise are at an all time high and is  inundated with people world-wide wanting his help and working with them etc,  there is a waiting list…so his availability is limited (unless possible emergency)

***Every client is a  tailor made program (to be discussed)  and fees.-  right now a current 5 month plus typical waiting list unless as mentioned  emergency help  special priority service see information further on….

*****This is an exciting NEW website (and blog) coming soon.****

*(Please appreciate at present  it’s  ‘A growing work in progress’ i.e. pages, menus, side bars,
links, images, video etc! )

NOTE: Best way to optimally experience this page (being totally redone soon) and the  site while being updated:.

 Please simply  have a REALLY  good look and read of this entire page… and  see and read the slides at the very top of this page
(use the arrow keys end of each slide to go back and fro or pause) 

And by reading these you will have a good idea of just some of what Craig can help you with STARTING  TODAY …
and  why he his highly sought after.


****Be sure to  also see his special video further in this page or side bars****

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Here’s a quick glance on just some of the areas people from all walks of life come to Craig for  you may relate with… and he can help you too or someone you know:

people all over the world from all walks call Craig for his help


Are  you one of the many people (and high profile) that  contact Craig and NEED to be the very BEST version of YOU  or  wanting to achieve that extra  or ‘ultimate edge’ in your performance, ability and effectiveness be it personally, professionally or in sport…?


Or need confidence in giving  a presentations or deliver an important talk and you need fast results NOW?

sm_bul_red_whitebkgMaybe you or someone you care about, is  really struggling and suffering with a severe phobia, OCD, panic attacks or anxiety or chronic addictions
(alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn expert help etc)

and  you want to be free –  and just ‘get your life back?’


sm_bul_red_whitebkgMaybe your looking to make important habitual changes in your life, such as stopping smoking, or you want to lose weight, to finally and once and for all –  stop the constant years of  self-sabotage and you’d love to  achieve your ideal shape and size?

Stress management for professionals with Ultimate Therapist-Craig Santini-Gsm_bul_red_whitebkgPerhaps like a lot of calls each week to Craig,   you are struggling right now with stress, depression
or  a crisis-of-confidence personally or professionally…


 sm_bul_red_whitebkgOr  looking to get over a ‘love hurt’  from a relationship etc or have chronic pain, a  health issue and need some kind of transformation or turnaround?


 sm_bul_red_whitebkgDo you want to quickly  increase your self-esteem, and become far more confident?

sm_bul_red_whitebkg Are you suffering from chronic pain such as neck, back pain or sciatica, migraines etc?

sm_bul_red_whitebkgAre you experiencing and struggling with  ‘Unexplained’ pain doctors have no idea what the reason is and you constantly have to take pain killers and looking to resolve this?


 Unexplained pain and  symptoms help and breakthroughs…

back pain*** Countless people suffer from so called unexplained  symptoms of health and physical pain (neck, shoulder, back whatever it is for you and Craig is often able to help them particularly the hidden unconscious emotions and experiences stored in the mind -body people had no ideas manifest as what they are going through.

*** From the Sublime to  … the field of medically unexplained symptoms – a commonly encountered problem, yet not often studied. The Sublime dwells not in our knowledge of  why of the thing (or lack thereof) but in our encounter with it….


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  Ready to Create the new version of you?

No matter what it is…over the years Craig Santini-G has helped literally many hundreds of people just like you, people who are really struggling or simply want to make a positive important  change in their lives or have  a BIG Wow! Transformation and Breakthrough. 

Take a minute to think about them (or whatever maybe your biggest issue you want to change) and then ask yourself:


“How much longer am I willing to let this undesirable situation go on or  run my life?”

So What Do You Really Want?
“What would you love to have happen in your life?

Choose any area of your life where you’d like to have an amazing  breakthrough,
or a turnaround…


 One of the world’s most successful, exclusive, in demand Hypnosis Experts, Life and  Success Coach, Therapist and Healers…

In short Craig helps people radically transform their lives…Personally & Professionally.  


Help and Solutions  are just one quick confidential conversation away…
The choice – as  ALWAYS is yours!

Are you ready click here to contact us NOW.


Therapy for business professionals confidential - Craig Santini- London- Hollywood-DubiaSo, whether  you want to take your performance in ANY area… to a whole NEW level …
or you  simply  need  
The ‘Ultimate Edge

Or perhaps  like many who contact Craig…

Are you too struggling with personal issues and NEED  of rapid transformation?


Help with such as:

Severe phobias,  fears and anxieties, panic attacks  or a crisis of confidence…

Eating and weight issues, ANY chronic addictionsOCD  (obsessive compulsive disorder best help) and those who suffer with emetophobia (fear of being sick best expert help)  or have a stammer or stutter, maybe you want to stop and quit smoking once and for all… 

….Whatever YOUR Goal,  problem is – and health challenge,

You owe it  to yourself or someone you maybe care about….to  speak to Craig and get it turned around TODAY!

*You can see much more under Services and Solutions or click here


Craig Santini-G is an electrifying catalyst and sparkplug for Creativity, Personal and Business Transformation ….and much, much more!


 The Ultimate Therapist and Optimum Peak – Performance and Mindset expert:
Craig Santini-G  
is one of the world’s most exclusive, in demand  Hypnosis Experts,Life coach and consultants….


He’s also  the success coach, adviser, powerful  creative catalyst & spark plug… sought after  by  A-List Celebrities from London to Hollywood…

As well as  CEO’s, Financiers/City Traders  and Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs – and  many of the best of the BEST from the world of sport… 



Craig does a lot of his transformative work these days over the PHONE…or in person and  has locations  world- wide (and amazing Private Retreats!) where he can arrange to see people:

London –  Dubai-  Los Angeles  (Beverly Hills)  – New York –
South Africa, (Cape Town) and Spain – Marbella 


Amazing Breakthroughs with Craig Santini Personal & Professional

….Oh and if right now you’re  been working with traditional Counselling and Psychotherapy… and fed up why it taking so long (normally years or months) or feeling disillusioned?

Again-you’ve come to the right place….

Need results fast?

Think you have an Unsolvable Problem?

Stop the Struggle….

 Imagine condensing years or many months of ‘so called Counselling and Psychotherapy’ 

into hours…or just weeks!

Craig is an acclaimed alternative psychotherapist, and able to condense the  typical years or many months of so called  traditional Counselling and Psychotherapy…. Into JUST hours -or weeks!

Craig Santini- G has developed one of the most powerful, fastest and simplest methods ever developed to resolve any emotional issue…that literally saves decades of pain and struggle and
un-resolved conflicts and challenges…


You can achieve more and extraordinary results  in just a morning or afternoon
(a powerful four hours of Craig’s  BreakThrough  signature session)  working with you and his amazing techniques – than four years of traditional psychotherapy and counselling!

The rapid nature of the therapy (or just several agreed  tailor made sessions) and often done over video skype means that anyone from around the world can now have can now have access to this amazing life-changing interventions….


Best Therapist London-Hollywood, Dubai-Marbella-Craig Santini - www.TheUltimateTherapist.comIn Person or even by Telephone…   Craig’s revolutionary mind/ body techniques  with his amazing powerful telephone speed change techniques… all from the comfort of your own home in a single or  few sessions taiored program.

If you have been conditioned to believe that change is always painful and slow and hard, you will find that Craig and his techniques will likely shake the foundations of your beliefs…


There are few things that Craig has not come across and assisted people with, in fact he made his name as ‘The Last Resort’ therapist when he ran a prestigious clinic in the heart of London, England, helping people who had tried all other avenues to find a lasting solution to their problem  and his wonderful and incredible success rate and professional standing.

Most problems that you can imagine (and some that you never would) have been addressed by Craig. 

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High Performance Hypnosis,

Counselling and Transformational Success coaching 

The person to go to for fast and lasting change… who can get results that many can’t. 

 Those lucky enough to work with Craig (he often has months in advanced waiting list) enjoy transformational results and lasting change, making him one of the most “in demand” therapist and coaches in the world.

 Pioneering New Paradigms for Healing:

  • Transform Stress related issue personal and professional
  • Reverse stubborn allergies, ( also seasonal and hay fever etc)
  • Quit smoking once and for all in just 1 hour or vaporize ANY phobia or fear!
  • Dramatic relief or ‘turnaround’ from  chronic illness or pain to emotional & physical ailments…
  • Rapidly turnaround emotional challenges including: thinking/feeling patterns self esteem, panic attacks, love hurt, stress, OCD… whatever the problem just call Craig Now!


Become a ‘No Limit Person!
You’ll discover amazing new possibilities and a greater person than you dreamed yourself to be, redefine inner and outer success, achieve your biggest goals yet…..and create an extraordinary life that continually makes you go Wow!

Say goodbye to any and all destructive emotions & habits (self esteem issues’, procrastination, limiting believes,  weight problems and emotional eating, addictions etc)

 Dramatically improve/ or turnaround ANY sport!

In short, Simple, powerful tools that can help you go to a whole new level… change habits, beliefs about yourself, reactions, and negative thought patterns, let alone personal physical recovery  Way faster than you ever thought possible!

Craig is in great demand in the corporate sector – as well as for personal change find out more here








This  website and page right now is purely just a quick overview and most menus & pages are under construction

Browse the rest of the info  on this page even  try  a few of the links and menus…to maybe get a snap – shot  of  just some of what Craig does  – and HOW he might even be able to help YOU today or someone you know.

STOP…Please don’t  waste your time  (or Craig’s frankly) reading any further UNLESS  this is you….

This website is directed to those individuals who are SERIOUSLY willing to want to Transform or better manage those big challenges that are showing up for most of us…or committed to taking their Personal Performance, or health, vitality and wellness to another level that will surprise and delight you beyond anything you could imagine…

Get ready to Ride the Wave into the Future of Personal Transformation Coaching and healing….Thrive & Succeed at a whole new level in key areas both personally and professionally.


For one of the best  in the business and successful counselling, hypnosis expert, therapist, Super coach and much more…

simply contact Craig Santini The Ultimate Therapist  here today NOW.