Online therapy specialist – skype and zoom, Helping people

Online therapy specialist –  skype and zoom, Helping people all over the world 

Rapid change Therapy & Hypnosis expert 
Counselling, Life Coaching and more…
Total solutions from the comfort of Your OWN home.

Globally – Any client – Anywhere

Recommended  Personal Online Zoom/Skype Therapy –  and Hypnosis treatment, Counselling,
formational Coaching – Mindset… and so much more!


About Online help via Skype, zoom LIVE Video, USA, UK, London, Europe, Dubai-UAE,
Wherever you are, welcome!

Gold star rating celebrity life coach

Snap shot overview: If you are looking for the best fast solutions to help you or been recommended to this page Therapy Help for rapid change Psychotherapy, Counselling,  Hypnotherapy expert and Coaching…. transformational  results via zoom/skype live video session  all from the comfort of your own home, or location!

At the Ultimate therapist clients come here because they want something special… Therapy by Skype,  Hypnotherapy, Mindset, Performance, Life Coaching  & much more with Craig Santini-G. One of the very first to revolutionize this cutting edge approach over  17 years ago –   for  his clients in  USA,  Canada,  London and  UK, Dubai, Spain and Worldwide, leading choice expert to help you in so many ways.


Now you too can have sessions from anywhere in the world using  Skype video or Zoom. Will open your mind to a whole new paradigm of possibility. 

Over the years Craig has helped many hundreds  of people with his range of services…

Craig’s  typical global clients include: many Business Professionals,  A-List celebrities and top sports figures, leading CEOs and entrepreneurs, and transforming countless peoples lives personally or professionally – just like YOU!  Those who demand more from their lives and need to be their Best…or with a myriad of important, big goals they’d like to accomplish or you have a significant challenge, or secret struggle in need of fast turnaround…

It’s time to create RESULTS.
An Electrifying Catalyst for Personal and Professional Transformation…
and High Performance Coaching , to bring out the Best in people.

greenstar-bigEverything you need to know is explained here and FAQ at the  end of this page.
Take your time have a good read and discover why so many people Internationally,  from CEO’s, teenagers, business professionals, and individuals around the globe work with Craig –  really like using skype live video etc or similar service –  it is
a total game changer!
And join the countless people each week from all walks of life he helps via live video session and consultancy that come here…

Seize this Opportunity – Begin Your Transformation Now.
Your time to change starts here. It’s no accident that you are reading this.
This could change the trajectory for you – Time is precious – don’t waste it, you know what to do…

Wherever you are and whenever you want…

Online Therapy & Coaching through Skype or Zoom

This way  of working with Craig  is HUGELY popular in peoples hour of need.

*Some typical quick examples; 

If you suffer with housebound Agoraphobia,  click to read about that further
Learn more; Phobia fears leading world expert in curing severe cases, and most times easily by Zoom and skype!

*And he can help you or someone you care about in so many ways  you haven’t begun to realise yet – experience Craig’s…

Powerful  Cutting-Edge Next Generation Solutions
and Hypnosis Skype & Therapy Best Expert Help

This is the 21st century solution to online Hypnosis treatment & so much more! What you are about to read Craig’s must have services and expertise via Skype live consultations video, or using zoom etc, as many are finding out, is simply like no other.  (If you are not familiar this simple free software via skype download here, and similar online video more info Q&A etc end of this page)

His extraordinary results and sought after diverse expertise in demand worldwide speak for themselves.
Ready to find out more?

Believe in better
*People * Business * Health *and Life…

  Live, Online Therapy, Consultancy & Coaching through Zoom, Skype

A revolutionary breakthrough experience
Now you can benefit from Craig’s rapid results therapy, and special advanced hypnotherapy and powerful coaching in the comfort of your own home, hotel. office via telephone or Skype/zoom
all briefly explained below.

For over 24 years now Craig has developed and honed these cutting-edge live video change work and telephone- techniques and his bespoke tailor made transformational sessions which get profound and extraordinary results for clients from all walks of life.

In fact at least 70% of Craig’s work is done with clients these days purely over the telephone and online video live
coaching and therapy sessions!

StarHome bound with Agoraphobia or another big challenge?


Agoraphobia expert panic attack-USA-London
Craig transforms severe phobias fears such as being home/housebound with Agoraphobia, or other debilitating acute issues OCD etc, making it very difficult to leave your home. Now you too can get the breakthrough help and rapid results you deserve….

#1 premier Choice of people world-wide with extreme phobias, fears and trauma and PTSD who have often already tried numerous forms of treatment that did little and failed to work for them…

Craig is the Go-to guy who gets results other can’t – even by telephone and video live sessions without in most cases needing to even meet clients face to face actually in person!

Learn more; Phobia fears leading world expert in curing the most extreme severe cases.
Experience Craig’s one-of-a- kind Powerful Solutions and Transformation for:
crisis of confidence, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, quit smoking, overcome insomnia, phobias, self-confidence, addiction, stress,
physical pain ailments and relief, weight loss problem issues – and much, much more…

Rapid Results online Hypnotherapy • Psychotherapy • Counselling that is completely different and revolutionary
in what can be achieved.

It is possible to have consultations, and therapy etc at short notice. Many times situations arise where you need immediate help. For example, panic attacks and anxiety do not always keep to a schedule, but might rear their ugly heads when least expected. You might have to wait 2-3 weeks to get a face-to-face clinic or hypnotherapy appointment, but Craig and his support team will try to get you in at much shorter notice with a skype/ telephone session. Even the same day is possible.

Dedicated to helping you. And Thrive in every key areas of your life!


The people Craig works with Create profound Changes in their life personally and professionally…

About Online Skype Therapy | Skype Hypnotherapy | Skype Counselling | Skype Life Coaching  | Skypenosis 

Now no matter where in the world you are located, you can do some amazing healing and change work through Skype and Zoom from your computer, laptop, tablet, mobile…with Craig Santini-G and his rapid change work.

 Local; Skype Online therapy, Hypnosis, Counselling, Help For Busy Professionals – Coaching for Success
and Telephone Therapy and skype

Video and Phone therapy provides an opportunity for executives and others who lead extraordinarily busy lives…  Over the years Craig’s  high profile clients, Celebrities, entertainers  sports elite have found this service invaluable when about to walk out live on stage or sports and were having a crisis of confidence and they can call him there and then….

Make your move

You can be almost anywhere and still benefit from coaching-hypnotherapy etc.  Have the sessions in the comfort of your own home, at work, or while on a business trip.  If you have a phobia of public speaking, you can schedule a coaching-therapy sessions just before your presentation.  If you have a fear of flying, you can schedule a session while abroad before taking the flight home!

You have the opportunity right here right now to get the changes you want from your living room,
office, hotel room – wherever you are!



Craig  puts his vast experience to use by helping people overcome limitations and reach new heights of personal development and success. Has transformed the lives of countless hundreds of people all over the world using Skype and Zoom video live sessions or by telephone.

Experience his hugely popular skype LIVE Video private sessions – achieve powerful rapid results,
create positive and lasting change – and infinite possibilities…

Kuwait- Dubai Hypnotherapy Best Expert Meet Craig SantiniCraig  has unwittingly building an ‘underground’ reputation as the go-to guy; Whether Craig’s Transforming his clients health, wealth,  careers,  personal performance and business or their toughest personal challenges or  phobias, fears, confidence, weight struggles,  addictions… and to help most of his clients resolve just about every imaginable problem you could possibly think of, whatever it may be- to something that is s unrecognizable and far beyond anything they imagined….

quote (1)Telephone sessions or live video  from around the globe have proven to be hugely in demand and  successful with my breakthrough therapy for many of my clients. Especially for example when they maybe experiencing a crisis situation, right there and then  – and need immediate help  to turn it around. A further benefit of this medium of work is that it allows for support and relief in emergency situations. We can for example, work effectively through a panic situation in a matter of minutes.  Technology is a wonderful thing and allows me to provide a service to anyone across the globe.
Signature Craig

A whole world of Possibilities and changes you want awaits you – if you choose it…

Overcome  Personal  Challenges…

 via SKYPE/Zoom live session – Everything you  now need to know…

Craig Santini is a pioneer in the field of online rapid change work therapy,
hypnosis expert, coaching consultancy and online counselling etc.

Discover  a revolutionary breakthrough experience…. 

Advanced clinical Hypnotherapy, Rapid Results, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Craig’s extraordinary transformational coaching all rolled into one…. enabling you to connect with Craig from the location of your choice – sought after and  helped hundreds of people lives over the years in so many diverse ways personally and professionally –  through telephone and Skype/Zoom video the amazing powerful game changer for so many,. Now no excuse….

“Change is always possible.
Staying the same is what’s difficult.
Get Help Wherever You Are – What are you waiting for!

Radical Transformations and Breakthroughs…
Craig works his unique brand of “magic,” and transformation helping individuals with seemingly insurmountable challenges turn themselves around – and by live skype video!


*New year NEW YOU…  and your time to get the right help available and powerful fast transformational solutions for you…. and maybe you too can join  the countless hundreds of clients over the years who have found Craig’s services, expertise & unique abilities ‘life changing,’ people who want to make a positive change in their lives – who have experienced his extraordinary results.

You may be just one skype/zoom video session away from creating your next big breakthrough – that can change everything for you.

Your next steps…

 Whenever you want & Wherever you are!…

Online Therapy through Skype

Believe in better…

Your next step and to get started…

The first step is to contact Craig and his support team by e-mail or telephone in order that we can actually discuss your needs, goals or therapy requirements. We arrange to have a brief chat and  If, after our initial consultation, you and Craig  feel that  telephone – skype consultancy, coaching and so forth may help you  and good solution we will then make an appointment for your agreed consultation services and therapy session/s to start, simple as that!

Ready to get started?

Contact us today here.

Online Skype Therapy –  Internationally renowned  with Craig Santini-G
Hypnotherapist expert, Life Coaching, Solution focused rapid results.

 *Your typical FAQ;

Skypenosis is hypnosis-by-phone or video Skype and zoom hypnotherapy

‘Skypenosis’ is the neat title used to describe hypnotherapy which is conducted via Skype, instead of person to person.

Liz client work with me Skype 02You have the opportunity right here right now to get the changes you want from your living room, hotel, apartment, office…Where you are really doesn’t matter any more because Skype Hypnosis and all of its benefits come to you.

As long as you have a decent reliable internet connection and a computer with a webcam or often ones already built in and microphone or headset then we can simply work together. In fact often clients work with me using their iPads or tablets and phones to make it even easier.

How to get the video software;   This is simply done via skype download here,  free to download in about a minute! How to make the calls is explained on the website links in their own simple videos.

ZOOM is free, we can send you an email link that you simply click on – once we agree time and day to chat and it will start up automatically for you –  no need to download software.
**OR you can simply download it directly from zoom site here.

All you need to use Skype or Zoom:
Simply a decent reliable internet connection and a computer with a webcam or often ones already built in and microphone or headset then we can simply work together. In fact often clients work with me using their iPads or tablets and phones to make it even easier.

See the rest of this specific main  page further on!

Craig’s live video skype and zoom -consultations are just as powerful and quick as working with him in-person… because you simply follow along with him  and chat and  discuss things or in the case of any of his highly sought after  advanced hypnotherapy, or other  special techniques Craig has developed he guides you through the healing process just as if listening to him in person or an audio cd of hypnosis.

Countless hundreds of people world-wide have had their lives positively changed personally and professionally working via skype/ zoom and telephone. It really is a game-changer.

Cleinst rave about Craig therapy help

Through purely zoom /skype and telephone Craig has helped people  cure chronic addictions where no one else could even at the top rehabs, transformed people all over the world with severe PTSD-trauma, OCD, Agoraphobia ….to  coached multi-millionaires to help them reach their next goals,  helped major sports figures win their sport and be the best level of optimum performance…..dramatically improve sales forces in major organizations  and so much more all through simply live Skype video   and zoom without  ever meeting such people face to face!

Craig’s Complete therapy ensures that you can get treatment, even if you have mobility problems, perhaps for example maybe can’t drive or can’t get out of the house. Whether you are at home with small children or you suffer from acute agoraphobia, Craig various techniques and advanced hypnotherapy is still an option that could be very invaluable and available to you.

*And yes, some people maybe better suited working  with them directly in person which can be discussed  with Craig on a first initial scheduled conversation.

Benefits of How Live video therapy and hypnosis or distance hypnotherapy works wonders…and might be ideal for you….

Working with Craig over the phone, (or by skype /zoom etc) is just as effective as face-to-face therapy, and in some cases even more effective, because you are more relaxed in the comfort of your own home or familiar surroundings .

  • When doing consultation sessions via Skype and Zoom, you can be at home or at the office, and be in complete privacy.
  • The session can be done at your convenience and save on travel time, transportation costs and weather issues that could hinder carrying out your session.
  • Sessions carried out on Skype/zoom video, are as if you are sitting in the same room as me and work equally as well as face to face sessions.

Many people have therapy sessions  through using Zoom and  skype 

Sessions to clients world-wide and wherever you are in your hour of need….

Skype and zoom hypnosis sessions, enabling you to connect with Craig from the location of your choice. Skype is a free online video conferencing and voice call platform that has been revolutionizing the way people interact. During your Skype hypnosis session, you and Craig  will be able to see, hear and communicate with each other just as you would in person, even though you may be miles away!

Craig Santini-G  takes Hypnosis, Counselling, Therapy, Life Coaching, modern Psychology –  to Way Beyond the Next Level… 

Locations; When in the UK, Craig  offers all his services including advanced hypnotherapy / hypnosis from his London Harley St W1 as well as USA in  California, New York, Colorado, Boulder, Spain, Dubai UAE, Cape Town, South Africa  and other Locations in any given month.

 Keys words to find us here; hypnotherapy expert skype online, life coaching Online, Counselling – psychotherapy on zoom/skype, Hypnosis, on skype, Hypnotherapy on Skype, NLP, Skypenosis hypnotherapy| Hypnotherapist on skype,  learn more at;

SkypeNosis – Online Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Via Skype/zoom  21st Century Solutions for you!