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International Locations – See further below.

To personally work in person with Craig, please appreciate is strictly by previous arranged appointment only – as various locations are based intermittently any given week or month throughout the year etc.

Note also; much of my work is done globally via Skype and zoom live video session now which is proving a very effective way to work saving people travelling time and expense for the client and enabling me to help and treat them also with the same level of success from the comfort and convenience of their home or indeed wherever they are…  Or perhaps in their hour of need .

For the various central London and UK locations; are used as and when Craig is in the UK and or availability of room/clinic hire, hence waiting list etc for new clients may vary for those wanting to work actually in person. please enquire.

alt=Craig will do his best to also prioritize urgent cases with his busy schedules or travel commitment he may have to do
and so forth.

Other Locations; Dubai, Spain, Marbella, Barcelona, Madrid, USA, New York, California LA, and others USA Locations and Mexico
please do enquire for personal one-to-one with Craig again based on his schedule and availability.

**Many clients work with him via his hugely popular skype/ zoom service and urgent cases see here skype consultations and help

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And by skype/zoom live video session – a total Game-Changer
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