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Indispensable to treat and Curing PTSD  and traumas resolution –  helps people heal from the symptoms and emotional distress following disturbing impact of personal life experiences.

Are you struggling with Trauma related issues Are you looking for the best PTSD therapy program to quickly help you?

Craig Santini-G  is a rapid change therapist, renowned for transforming people in bespoke session intervention. People get his help for trauma related issues, panic attacks and complex ptsd all over the world.

alt=  He can help YOU in so many ways – and to CHANGE the way you think – and change your LIFE….

 Introducing PTSD  specialist Expert treatment solutions for Complex PTSD and trauma.  One of the most effective and Rapid method for healing complex PTSD.
Note** This is without requiring people to talk in any detail about the events specifics that caused the trauma.

If you are looking for the Best help solutions for CPTSD and Trauma specialist. for  bespoke treatment fast results… and Solution focused, rather than problem focused approach – you are in the right place.
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PTSD Resolution Solution focused brief therapy
often One tailored bespoke session;

Trauma-PTSD Expert specialist - InternationalA New You – Do not allow your past to dictate your future.
So if you want to be different, YOU have to do something different….


And you can get help wherever you are with  PTSD Skype/Zoom therapy from the comfort of your own home.

Can PTSD Be cured & Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? 

In short, yes, this is a Cure  and not a Coping Strategy.  And in case you are wondering, the symptoms don’t come back, because the ‘energy’ of the emotion has been resolved.
*Complex PTSD  means multiple traumas and left for a long time without treatment.

Getting proper PTSD Treatment: 

PTSD  Resolution – It is absolutely wrong to think that our health service  USA-UK etc and doctors so often  feels it’s acceptable to say incurable awful & hurtful to frankly condemn people to a life of suffering more on that further below. If you go to a mechanic if your car breaks do not wok.. you wouldn’t accept it if they gave you a hammer and told you to deal with it. Why should you accept that for yourself.

Fact is and said here with respect,  not many therapists have the skill set  and knowledge to know how best to treat  PTSD and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder totally effectively  regardless of their years of being in practise for general other conditions which they can be very good at. Many people are  still living with the debilitating effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

Make Change happen – How We Can Help You

Cure PTSD expert help treatment with theultimatetherapist.comCraig Santini-G here at the ultimate therapist, specializes in trauma, severe phobias and fears, anxiety, , to mention just some of the popular services clients come to him for – please do explore the site and bookmark this page now.

With his complete range of therapy treatment that can clear all manner of problems very quickly. In short, Craig designs highly personalized, deeply transformative suite of services and programs for every person.

Learn more specifics below –  and about how to quickly overcome & Cure PTSD, and naturally…

Discover how to transform & heal past traumas, ANY phobia, fears
panic attacks and much more… quickly and effectively.

Craig Santini-G shining the light on what is possible
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Best effective Trauma Therapy for PTSD 

The REAL issue is the somatic one, how to discharge and heal the locked-up limbic system. the somatic components (the anxiety system) are crucial to traumatic resolution. Since PTSD can express itself in many ways, trauma treatment has to be able to work on many various symptoms and Reoccurring flashbacks.

alt=PTSD treatment rapid change therapy Craig developed gets the amygdala ( the part of the brain for a reactive fight, flight or freeze situation,)  to stop sounding the alarm…  By  Rewinding and shutting that alarm off, we can work really fast to heal from our past trauma’s simply explained further on.

When someone says “‪PTSD‬” you often think of our nations heroes, war veterans current and past etc ….but the reality is that PTSD  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can come in many different shapes and sizes and simply does not discriminate.  Jobs are often impossible to hold down and families and friends can feel helpless and have a hard time watching their loved ones suffer.

Firstly understand, PTSD has nothing to do with the personality of the individual. PTSD can happen to anyone…

Including civilians exposed to trauma Children, teenagers,  adults men women…. It is recognised that PTSD is not exclusive to military personnel or veterans who have seen combat – and the horrors and atrocities they witness.

Anyone can experience a severe emotional trauma in their life for numerous reasons  as explained briefly  now;

Emergency first responders such as Police Officers, Ambulance Paramedics and Fire Service personal see deeply distressing sights everyday….

trauma therapy expert -PTSD - theultimatetherapist.comIn fact ANYONE  who has experienced or witnessed an event,, or perhaps situations that has threatened their life, safety or  that of others around them, and loss of someone  or loved one deep grief  can develop these traumatic mental reactions and encoding.

Post traumatic stress PTSD can be from experiencing  anything from natural disaster such as flood and bush fire  an earth quake…. to  a car or other serious accident. For others it could be a physical or sexual assault. And any anyone can experience severe trauma with war related events and loss of loved ones.

And with trauma, it’s important to understand that it’s not so much what happened, but, rather, how your mind and body responded to the event(s) that creates the trauma. This is why even though two people can experience the same actual event and have very different views, feelings and reactions to it. The mind/body connection is a mystery how it can set things up for each individual.

If you or someone you know is suffering this debilitating condition a help cure is available and the great news is often by skype

There are numerous people ‘out there’ helping many transform their PTSD Craig is ONE of them…

Sadly research in the UK and USA especially national state health services is under funded and therefore no new procedures implemented.

About Trauma Therapy  with Craig  Santini-G
Solution focused brief therapy And Quickly Regain Control Of  Your Life

Hypnosis-Expert-Craig-Santini-client-session-opt2vsCraig is an expert in resolving Trauma. He has developed a highly effective and rapid process for PTSD and complex  either working personally with clients or often even over skype live video session….

These are based on Craig’s extensive  experience of what works best for his clients and totally transform it – and for many literally getting their lives back.

How it works –  A powerful solution focused, rather than problem focused approach that; rapidly gets to the individual’s core issues and previous stuck state, and releases the emotional patterns and conflicts, thoughts and mind body reactions.
Because trauma is stored in the body, it must be discharged, which traditional talk therapy in and of itself alone cannot do. In order be become “unstuck” from trauma and heal, your nervous system needs to be re-calibrated.

One of the most successful – and rapid change therapist, what he does…
Craig Santini-G has developed his own rapid results trauma ptsd therapy and combining various forms of cutting-edge techniques he has developed. including taken the best elements of his expertise, in  advanced clinical hypnotherapy,  parts of EMDR, Rewind technique and various rapid change works techniques to help you heal, transform and change  your life  fast in key areas.

For over 24 years Craig  has helped many people from all walks of, just like you, to achieve their important goals, live life to the full, and freedom of debilitating problems, negative emotions or inner turmoil. He can do the same for you too!

Powerful, effective, fast trauma treatment… With the mind/body reset and the tools, insights and skills needed to bring you back into balance and release the trauma. The client can now differentiate between what happened in the past and their life at present. Therefore, the event does not have  an impact any more – it is now stored in the brain in a different way which allows the person to start living a new productive and  joyful  way of being  and carry on with their life.

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EXPLORE THE SECRETS OF RAPID CHANGE: The alternative to ‘Week-in-Week-out’ therapy

PTSD Treatment Expert Help, clients in  UK, USA, Europe and world-wide.
One of the most effective and Rapid Change method for healing PTSD – & Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

What to do next;

Cleinst rave about Craig therapy helpArrange a chat TODAY take action.
To go on the special priority list for PTSD  and  possibly arrange have a conversation with Craig to explore how he might help you and tailor a treatment program and intervention strategies.
*Please appreciate this service currently is at all time high here – and a waiting list is possible and priority listing.

You deserve your Breakthrough!

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Please initially contact by our email and add the subject line PTSD Help. All enquiries and Craig’s work  are naturally in total strict confidence. See here Contact us page

Explain in brief;

  • What – when  likely created your PTSD
  • How long has it been going on and your current age
  • What treatment to date have your tried…
  • And WHY  do you think  it has not specifically helped you?
  • Mention where you are located country, city / town and telephone

Craig, or his personal assistant or client care team will respond accordingly.
Please appreciate it may be a few weeks  we get inundated with countless enquiries  on PTSD alone.

It is possible to release and let go of your trauma. It doesn’t have to define who you are or guide your life.

Thank you for visiting this information page for  PTSD  Resolution Expert Help UK USA and world-wide
One of the most effective and Rapid method for healing PTSD – & Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder…

*Disclaimer: we are obliged to state  Results may vary as with any therapy, coaching etc, with any individual and their own commitment….

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