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Here at the Ultimate therapist Craig Santini-G offers a Unique Stop Smoking Method, a powerful combination of therapeutic hypnosis and his state-of-the-art mental coaching & techniques to help you finally quit smoking –  easily and naturally without any weight gain.

Game changer – With  his hugely popular therapy help via skype online or zoom video. All explained on this page
Craig is a Rapid change Expert specialist for addictions.

Would you like to join the countless people worldwide who have stopped Smoking?

No matter how much you smoke or how long you’ve been smoking cigarettes, it is not difficult to quit smoking for good & be free from nicotine addiction, if you go about it the right way.

Craig’s helped men and women stop smoking without anxiety, irritability, gaining weight, cravings or other unpleasant side effects and he can help you too – no matter how many times you have tried to quit or stop smoking including e-cigarettes (e-cigs, vapes) or anything.

alt=If you are searching for best solutions and advanced hypnotherapy to help you Quit & finally stop smoking – this information page is for you.

His extraordinary results and sought after diverse expertise in demand Internationally speak for themselves – and Skype online live help video tailored session.

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Want to stop but not sure how? Please Now read further below.

Stop smoking Hypnotherapy and best methods to help you
for Smoking Cessation

This is for those who have TRIED EVERYTHING…
Individual Custom Tailored Session

  • Quit Smoking Today With Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP and much more
  • Are You Ready To Stop Smoking Once And For All?
  • Do You Want To Quit, But Worry You Will Gain Weight?
  • Would You Like To Stop Cravings In Moments?
  • Are You Worried About Smoking Damaging Your Health?
  • Have You Tried To Quit Before – And Failed?
  • If Quitting Was Easy – Be honest… Would You Do It Today?

Are You ready To Stop Your Smoking Habit, But Do Not Know How?

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A complete tailor bespoke session program precisely to why you smoke and How to stop!

Craig’s dedicated approach helps you become a true non-smoker, not just someone who is having to use willpower in making an effort to stop or resist smoking. A simple powerful therapy approach that makes you calmly decline any opportunity to smoke, without cravings, agitation, or irritability.

If you are ready?


Smoking Cessation Specialist – Personal Message from Craig Santini-G.
From over 23 years of helping people from celebrities, business professionals and those from all walks of life, Fact is, there are two kinds of smokers – those that know they want to quit but don’t think they can, and those that think they can quit and stop anytime they want but are too scared to actually find out if they really can.
Which begs the real question and in both cases, who’s in charge – you or the cigarettes?

It’s not your strategy that’s failing. It’s a matter of Optimizing your process and Mindset.
And – It doesn’t matter if you have smoked all your life…

Hypnosis is merely a tool we use as a Part of the complete Rapid Transformational Stop Smoking Method. I will make it significantly easier for you to quit by teaching you specific ways to undo your old programming and build new habits of feeling good. I will show you how to stop cravings almost before they start; to take away the feeling that you need nicotine or cigarettes as a crutch; to find all the pleasure and relaxation and more that you used to get from cigarettes in other ways.

We always have two choices


Craig provides both the structure and the Rapid Change methods highly tailored to each and every client, to totally change the habit and physical longing for cigarettes or ANY nicotine product.
How long?
This is done normally around two approx 45 minutes sessions – about a week apart.
Great news is – easily done via Skype live video session with you, and hugely popular!

Learn more now – brief overview Craig’s simple, highly effective Quit Smoking Therapy Method:

Disclaimer we are obliged to state; As with all types of therapy – results may vary
per person and are dependent on many factors.

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