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Lose Weight help with Hypnosis Expert

It starts & ends in your mind, not on your plate!

Winning at Weight Loss: and Hypnotherapy Specialist Help
Stop binge eating &
food cravings – and your uncontrollable relationship or self-sabotage with food – here at the ultimate therapist.

Celebrity, business professionals  choice, and people from all walks of life Internationally.

The best place for personal weight loss mindset and hypnotherapy help – bespoke therapy treatment and zoom/skype live video session. 

You CAN Redefine Your Self, start today with Craig Santini-G.

Transforming your weight loss struggles and setting your health and weight loss goals and beyond. The new version of you – Now it’s your time to  finally win.

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Weight loss help solutions – Everything from stop emotional eating, self sabotage, over eating help and much more!

Many come here from around the globe for weight loss help,  with Rapid change therapist and hypnosis expert Craig Santini-G  and his bespoke program session & coaching. Achieve your slimming goals, conquering weight gain… Help To Take Back Control. Mindful Eating Techniques and much more.

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Winning at Weight Loss:
The truth about ALL Weight loss – and food cravings….

It starts & ends in your mind, not on your plate!
If you don’t control what you THINK, you can’t control what you do

How long does it take to lose weight?

The answer is FOREVER. Weight loss involves changing your habits and habits are a lifestyle,
and lifestyle Choices is a forever thing.

Gastric Mind Band:
Hypnosis gastric band does it work?
Gold star rating celebrity life coach

Why I do NOT use the latest Virtual Gastric band hypnotherapy – a lot of hype be wary

Message from Weight loss and hypnosis expert Craig Santini-G he says;  “I am deeply wary of ‘gastric band’ hypnosis. personally I feel the so called hypnotic band is simply no need and a publicity gimmick.

Hypnotherapy weight loss expert USA, UK, London, Dubai treatment helpIt may help some people, however, if relying on its own in the client thinking they have a Virtual hypnotic band –  and  you not looking at either the client’s underlying issues such as past relationship with food or their current triggers and emotional habit beliefs & thought patterns… then nothing cognitively has been addressed & changed.

**People get around real surgery gastric bands by constantly snacking I have often found,
and hence likely would do the same with a hypnotic gastric band too, and  seems very much superfluous!

Any weight related hypnotherapy treatment that fails to deal with underlying issues with  personalized  therapeutic techniques to the clients own needs is basically a complete waste of time….

Craig uses special techniques to alter your relationship with food, changing the initial Root Cause and meaning, so you no longer over eat and want to eat healthier, nutrition and diet focus,  and an effective exercise a new identity in who you Now are.

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