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International Rapid Change Therapist,
and Clinical Hypnosis Expert,
NLP & Success Coach,

Bring your biggest problem and challenges…

New year, new you… Unlock your potential,  Believe in better – Life beyond limits…
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Specialist in: Anxiety, Mindset Performance, Confidence, Addictions, Trauma, Stress, Extreme Fears/Phobias – and more.

USA, UK, London, Europe, Dubai-UAE, Wherever you are…
Rapid Transformation Results & Skype/Zoom live session

 Highly sought after – Craig has unwittingly built an
‘underground’ reputation as the go-to guy around the world….

Best therapist London Uk Speakamans
You’re here searching for solutions and Help,  Clients come here or are recommended because they want something special… 
and not the ordinary,and in turn we can help you produce extraordinary results. And their lives both personally or professionally in key areas have changed and enhanced beyond all recognition.
Even doctors and other various therapists alike frequently seek his advice and help for their so called ‘impossible’ cases’ and clients.
Craig also gifts his help for the homeless on various different levels  mentioned further on this page. 

This website purpose is ALL about Transformation – YOUR SUCCESS and ‘REAL LIFE CHANGES.’

To provide you with information resources to help you make the right choices about your desired goals and therapy needs – Resolve long-standing issues fast – not in countless sessions & months, or years….  In most cases many of our clients make change in one to three bespoke sessions, sometimes one session can be enough depending on the nature of that issue.

For Turnaround, Breakthroughs, and Transformation…  Discover More details
about Craig’s Unique taylor made session/programs
like no other, and many ways he can help you or someone you care about today.


We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve a myriad of goals, and helping people change their lives, becoming totally free from a vast array of, emotional, behavioural and personal issues & challenges  they may be struggling with or holding them back…

And – dramatically accelerate your results, change your mindset and achieve success with tranformational coaching across every aspect of your life with Craig… to pull off your bold goals, take bold actions and achieve massive results!
With a mission to “inspire you to find the best within yourself in order to give the best of yourself…

New year, New You – Stop settling for less, if you want to create a life that is filled with passion, achievement and reward,
if you want to personally change things for you, the most effective solution is through self-improvement and personal growth…. Winners find a way and Craig can help you find yours.

Here now an overview of Services, Rapid Therapy Treatment Help
and Solutions, Mindset Coaching and How to get started.

“With his plethora of techniques, skill set and ability to pinpoint the core cause of one’s issues, Craig transforms deep-rooted problems seemingly effortlessly.”

We specialize in providing you with the best possible,  professional,  fast effective therapy 

Freeing emotions & blocks that hold you back and guiding
you to SUCCESS

Snapshot – Services overview
To Help You With:

Fears & Phobias
Vomit (Emetophobia)
Public speaking fear
Lifts/Small spaces

Plus More….

Breakthroughs and Solutions for adults, teen adolescents, and families.

Anxiety Related Issues
Panic Attacks and Stress
Improve Confidence and self-esteem
Sleeping Problems/Insomnia
Social interaction & overcome shyness
Health  Anxiety worries
Obsessive Compulsive Issues

All Addictions
Overcome Depression

Pain Relief
Exam nerves & study recall

Binge Eating
Stopping smoking 
Natural Weight Loss
Sports Performance Mindset

 “You changed my life… and my work”

Discover how to transform & heal past traumas, ANY phobia, fears,
and much more… quickly and effectively.

Craig Santini-G shining the light on what is possible
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Self Mastery- emotions

Transforming lives Personally-Professionally
Craig solves problems that people believe are unsolvable.

Unlock Your Potential, Achieve Your Biggest Goals…
Re-boot your Life

Everything you need is right here; Whether he’s Transforming his clients health, wealth,  their careers,  personal performance and business…. to something that is s unrecognizable and far beyond anything they imagined…. or Resolving Personal, Emotional & Behavioural Problem. The field of rapid therapy… There Are Few People As Experienced And Well Placed To Help You.

Helping the homeless – from helping them change their mindset and get off the streets, into jobs, providing various therapy help interventions, and much more besides.

Create change and defy your own limitations…  Now you too can experience his special techniques and must have solutions he has developed including helping individuals with their so called  insurmountable challenges turn themselves around – Craig has  created an array of exceptional powerful solutions and his one- of- a-kind expertise to the complex challenges we face in today’s world.

This is where extraordinary changes happen.Gold star rating celebrity life coach

Craig Santini-G specializes helping people from around the world become free with some of the
toughest things imaginable…

Here’s how Ultimate therapist can help you popular services:

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  • Confidence & self esteem, Public speaking – now achieve the changes that you want for your life.
  • Acute Severe Phobias –  Fears (especially where to-date no one else has helped) that severely impacts you, and want urgent help, how to cure your phobia?
  • Stress, emotional issues,  anxiety, panic attacks that simply cannot continue and Trauma/PTSD,
  • Special Weight loss Hypnosis and powerful techniques, and ending self sabotage cycles.
    (As used by Craig VIP clientele,  A-List celebrities and countless business professionals….)
  • ANY addiction you need to Stop and break, including Smoking and MUST Quit
  • And more…

Decision + Action = CHANGE

You’ve never had a better opportunity to transform your life, to create the CHANGE you most desire… and deserve!
Experience the LATEST in Craig’s cutting-edge tools for accelerating transformation and high performance coaching…

Locations, International service and skype: 

Clients work with with Craig throughout USA, UK, London, Dubai /UAE,  Spain/Europe, Canada and more – as well as online through  Skype/zoom session wherever you are… (and therapy SOS Help Interventions and Performance coaching).

Get in touch – Don’t let life get in the way of making the changes you need today…
Are you ready for a conversation that changes everything for you?
Just imagine what it will feel like when you’re free of what’s holding you back and what life will now be like!

The Benefits, why many Choose UltimateTherapist to help you

Formidable success, How and what he does – in summary:
Craig Santini-G  here at the Ultimate therapist consultancy  has uniquely developed and mastered a highly effective therapy process and range of state-of-the-art techniques that works specifically at the root cause of an individual and transform them… with his Accelerated Personal Change Technology and powerful proprietary methods.
Creating the changes you want.  He has uncanny ability to instigate life-changing breakthroughs, thought provoking transformational conversations, realise your goals and fulfil your potential.

Using a combination of cutting-edge next generation techniques, and Rapid change counselling and psychotherapy
Craig has developed that achieve rapid results, and his own unique transformational programs completely tailored for every client and your needs…

Master of personal change  Craig works worldwide with his unique personal transformation, And is able to invite change at the core of each individual.
Is The difference that makes – the Difference that Changes everything.…

In today’s fast paced world fact is we need therapy that works fast!

In contrast with psychotherapy, CBT which can last for months or even years, the focus is on rapid solutions.


Leading expert – Specialty Services
Craig is one of the best in the world at removing  and curing phobias fast, stopping anxiety and panic attacks, trauma and confidence coaching. 
Experience his  Strategic Interventions and what is possible helping people reset their lives.


*Nothing is off limits Craig helps literally countless people who had often given up all hope from their struggles – and change the things in your life that you haven’t been able to change until now…

Craig help clients around the world using a wide range
of accelerated change techniques, & via Zoom/skype.

*People * Business * Health * and Life…
Craig Santini-G 
Rapid Therapy Sol
utions & Hypnosis Expert,
Mindset  & High Performance Coachin
Strategic Psychotherapy and much more…

A better you is just a call away.
Take the first step… Most people don’t change because they don’t start.

Success Coach and Ultimate Therapy with Craig Santini-G

Consultant Clinical Hypnotherapist /Hypnosis expert,
Rapid Results, Solution focused Therapy,  alternative counselling, psychotherapy, Transformative coaching & much more.
That help people create change quickly – and without the need for ‘Week-in-Week-out’ therapy.

Unlock Your Potential, Achieve Your Biggest Goals,
and Make
This, Your Breakthrough Year

Go somewhere you’ve never been… do something you’ve never done…and discover what you are truly capable of Achieving!

Is there is anything you want to change or improve in your life? Or perhaps something that stops you performing at your very best and achieving your goals
If you are a high performing individual who wants more or you are fed up with the same old same old… then this may be the difference that makes the difference.

For Transformation That’ll Make A Day-And-Night Difference
To The Things That Matter In Your Life

Rapid Change Therapy & Success Coach…

– Craig Santini-G

rapid change specialist being you

Why settle for ordinary,
when you can have the

Craig  has worked his brand of rapid change personal transformation with Celebrities from London to Hollywood, Olympic gold medalists, 
CEO’s and leading business achievers, teenagers, and people from all walks of life.

Go from where you are to where you want to BE…

International Therapist, NLP & Hypnosis Expert.
Specialist in: Anxiety, Mindset Performance, Confidence, Addictions, Trauma, Stress, Fears/Phobias – and more.  And Online therapy specialist help: 

Clients visit The Ultimate Therapist and Hypnosis Expert Craig Santini-G from all over the UK, USA United States of America, Dubai – UAE and Europe.

UK and London clinic, Harley Street, W1. (and other London and UK Locations) click here for more information or below.

Locations and skype – serving many clients around the world including from:

UK – Canada – USA – Australia – Ireland – Scotland – Hong Kong – Singapore – Dubai – Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – Doha – Bangkok – Delhi – Germany – France – Netheralands – Tokyo – South Africa – New Zealand – Monaco – Spain – Italy – Sweden – Norway – Switzerland – China

Online  help  via Skype, zoom live Video –  Craig takes Hypnosis, Counselling, Therapy, Life Coaching, modern Psychology –  to Way Beyond the Next Level… in Rapid Results Solutions and Strategic Psychotherapy for Personal, Business  & Professional. Corona virus HELP  – Covid19 support anyyone please contact us and get in touch.