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Craig Santini-G
Rapid Change Specialist 
 Success Coach, 
Hypnosis Expert, NLP and much more…
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Craig Santini-G  is an Electrifying Catalyst
For Personal Change & Transformation
*People * Business * Health *and Life…

alt=I am totally passionate in helping people to get more out of their lives – make the changes they want, or no longer being held back by the issues they face – and to break free.

And also Mindset and Performance coaching: Helping clients to Discover their true potential, accomplish their goals, dreams and visions they have… And to inspire as many people as I can!

Hypnosis expert, celebrity life coach, meet CraigCraig Santini-G
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Niche area/specialism helping people with: Phobias, Stress and Anxiety Removal, Weight Loss, complex Trauma & PTSD release, Confidence, Addiction breakthrough and other wanted lifestyle changes among others… .And helps rapidly turnaround YOUR biggest personal challenges.

*Also – Optimum High Performance Enhancement & Mindset, Individual & Organizational, coaching-training. Public speaking and presentation confidence. And assisting clients to achieve personal & business excellence.

**Craig also gifts his help for the homeless – on various different levels mentioned on this snapshot overview page.

“With Craig’s plethora of techniques, skill-set and ability to pinpoint the core cause of one’s issues,
he transforms deep-rooted problems seemingly effortlessly.”

Craig is renowned for successfully helping people treat the most difficult problem…

alt=How we can help you in so many ways here at theUltimateTherapist.com

An International highly accomplished rapid change therapist/success coach who has a passion for helping people swiftly change their lives so they can overcome obstacles, challenges and Resolve long-standing issues fast – not in countless sessions & months, or years…. You can read further in this page & throughout the site via the navigation menus. Maintains strict confidentiality within the client/therapist relationship.
*He does a lot of his change work via skype or zoom live video session hugely popular – get his help from the comfort of your own home or office.

Craig Santini-G. (Gibson) originally from England has spent over 25 years as the success coach, adviser, friend, mentor, strategist, problem solver, rapid change therapist, and powerful creative spark plug to leading Entrepreneurs, A-list Celebrities, World-class sports Elite, major corporate CEO’s, overseas VIP’s…
and helping hundreds of people around the world from all walks of life – who want to consistently get much more out of themselves – Craig helps them Uplevel their lives, their businesses, careers and their success.

He has created an array of exceptional powerful solutions to the challenges we face personally or professionally in today’s world… 

From increase self confidence – to Ridding his clients of severe phobias, fears, addictions, and anxiety etc, that many have tried previous help for over the years come to him – In short, he has developed and pioneered rapid results methods to help people reduce or dramatically overcome the symptoms of long-standing conditions using his brand of transformational fast therapy, self-healing coaching and solutions – often within as little as one to two bespoke sessions or a tailored program intensive.

*All work and client engagement is guaranteed confidential.

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Over the years Craig has Studied extensively the very best techniques and what REALLY works (click+ to open)

Over the years, Craig has studied and investigated numerous methods of therapy, coaching and personal change available
And he has developed some of the most powerful, fastest and simplest methods to resolve most any emotional issue…that literally saves decades of pain, struggle, and unresolved conflicts and challenges…

He specializes in facilitating transformation at the deepest level, by maximizing his expertise and experience.

For over 25 years his diverse academic studies includes;  Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) he is a Master practitioner and trainer, clinical hypnotherapy, neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and Humanistic psychology, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and extensive psychosensory therapies, which use sensory input to alter thought, mood and behavior. TFT (thought Field therapy ) and Craig has developed his own techniques incorporating elements of some of the above skill sets to help individuals on many levels including dramatically overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic encoding such as PTSD and OCD, depression addictions and so forth..

As an acclaimed alternative rapid change  psychotherapist, He transforms lives more powerfully in just hours than typically  many months, years, sometimes decades, of  so called ‘traditional therapy’ etc.

Just imagine now what it would be like to finally experience emotional freedom and to help you become the new BEST  version of you… 

Are you ready?
To redefine what’s possible…
Discover and Experience
Craig’s Next Generation Techniques & Solutions all  bespoke for your needs..

Rapid change work:  Therapy – High Performance Coaching and Mindset

Never Knowingly Ordinary
Whether you need to be your Best, get the edge,
or in need of a  breakthrough and Personal turnaround in key areas…
*So many people are experiencing rapid change to long standing issues and behaviors.

About Hypnosis expert, Success coach, Craig Santini-GThe difference that makes the Difference – that changes everything.
Craig has pioneered an Integrated Approach a set of transformational life changing tools and processes and is dedicated to helping create the best you.

His work with a global clientele including well known celebrities and major sports figures, leading corporate executives, business professionals, doctors, therapists, entrepreneurs, families and teenagers – and people from all walks of life, who have experienced his extraordinary results – both personally or professionally. His one-of-a- kind insights, trusted coaching abilities, range and expertise is both wide & deep.

Highly sought after Creating lasting results….. Craig’s clients frequently report profound life-changing breakthroughs in key areas and he can help you too in so many ways, that you may of not yet thought of.

Locations He is Internationally based for over 25 years, and has always loved working and living in different locations, people and cultures.

Rapid change specialist Transformational Solutions…
He doesn’t just work with any one particular methodology Craig  expertise in the field of Personal and Professional Transformational change and accelerated results, master expert in Advanced and clinical Hypnosis, Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) leading- edge modern psychology – and numerous areas and rapid results special techniques he has developed.

Provides highly tailored strategies – a dynamic set of tools and processes that have the power to unlock you from issues most people have been unable to resolve for years. These cutting edge tools have transformed the lives of many hundreds of people all over the world.

Sought after by Business professionals and private individuals, his interventions and work has spread to
47 countries
and many cities…

 Craig Santini-G
International Rapid Change Therapist
Transformational Coach & much more…


Craig has consulted, inspired, motivated, Transformed and empowered people from across the globe…
 Business, Personal, Career. Emotional Wellness 

He shatters the perception of what’s possible.
When people and therapists alike have a problem they cannot fix, they call Craig Santini-G because he delivers – often with so called miraculous results – that works swiftly at an incredibly deep level. These days he normally consults coaches and works with clients by invitation and referral only.

One of the world’s most successful therapist… he has already helped so many people around the world from all walks of life, overcome their greatest challenges. And can help you conquer yours. In short, Craig has unwittingly built an ‘underground’ reputation as the go-to person and his extraordinary results and sought after diverse expertise in demand worldwide speak for themselves...

And helping countless individuals with seemingly insurmountable challenges 
rapidly turn themselves around…

Our global clients come here because they want something special and not the ordinary, and in turn we can help you produce extraordinary results enabling people to get the best from themselves …. in business, health and wellness, and personal improvement. And their lives in key areas have changed beyond all recognition.

Every single client Craig works with is a highly personalized taylor made bespoke sessions and programs.
Simply explore the website menu  and his one-of-a-kind therapy, diverse expertise and solutions.

Discover more now below.

Re-writing Your Past,
Transform your future…

Craig Santini helps top Business Professionals.UAE NLP and Performance coaching Dubai

A mindset & peak performance consultant who regularly consults worldwide with Business leaders, entrepreneurs  and elite world-class sports people hire Craig…

“A s a success coach Craig  is some­one who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be…and caringly speak Truth.

people world-wide Phobia cure expert Celebrate__opt2“When Craig works with people, he does three things…
He helps you get extraordinary results, transformation and powerful breakthroughs — and is one of those rare gems which inspires, challenges, and allows for no excuses or your ‘story’. And your world will transform.”

His remarkable ability to go straight to the core of the underlying challenge and effect lasting change and transformation makes him a unique commodity as a turnaround specialist and rapid results success coach – for countless people worldwide over the years he has worked with…. via his sought after breakthrough personal one-on-one services, private retreats, mentoring coaching and training.

Up-Level…  and be the BEST Version of You 

Something you’ve ALWAYS wanted to DO, or Overcome and still haven’t done?
Do you need help to get back to being ‘you’?

Go from good to great, and from great to extraordinary…

From where you are – to where you want to be
Craig is dedicated to helping create the best YOU!
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Whether he’s Transforming his clients life’s, health, wealth, careers,  personal performance and business
or  their toughest personal challenges  to something that is unrecognizable and far beyond anything they  imagined.
He can help you too in many ways you haven’t thought of…

The question is, if not now, when? The doors of possibility are open, and the time is now.

A Personal Message from Craig;

Craig Hypnosis expert Usa-London 1A__OptmI believe that everything in this world happens for a reason and everything that comes into our life is at perfect timing.  No matter how you got here, I truly believe that you have attracted yourself here…to possibly find new ideas to help remind you of who you truly are, and what you are capable of.

*What to do next
If you would like to know more about how we might be able to work together
please do feel free to contact me today I’d like to invite you to an exploratory chat.

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Rapid Change Specialist – helping clients Internationally

Mindset & Optimum Peak Performance Strategist,
Breakthrough Turnaround Expert…

Master Hypnotherapist & NLP, Celebrity Life Coach,
 Acclaimed Alternative Fast  Psychotherapist…
Rapid Results Change Work, International

Infinite Possibilities
Craig Santini-G shining the light on what is possible
Seize this Opportunity – Begin Your Transformation Now…