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Do you need help to stop Fear/Phobia of flying?  Specialist for acute extreme cases…

Powerful – Fast, Effective Treatment… can even help you in most situations via Skype video!  #1 Choice of celebrities, business professionals – and countless people world-wide… for Craig Santini-G and his  expertise, services and best solutions that can help you too, in so many ways.

Flying Fear Expert help 425x 318Snapshot on this information page:  the Fearless Flying New YOU Program,
hypnotherapy expert and much more.

With an approach totally  tailored to provide the fastest and  best results specifically for you.

Private, confidential one-to-one Non exposure treatment helping  you  or someone  you care about Stop the Fear of Flying and  typical symptoms;  (claustrophobia, high anxiety and panic) with  advanced hypnosis &  Breakthrough techniques that works for everyone – however difficult & extreme the problem for you! 

Help is here – Has your fear of flying prevented you from even getting on a plane?

Craig has spent the last twenty five years developing powerful rapid results treatment methods  (working in just hours – instead of countless months or years!) for extreme cases of trauma, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias and fears  and is the person who the “experts” go to see –  psychotherapists, counselors doctors and such like, when they need strategy or help with their own patients/clients…

*We do NOT use exposure therapy, instead Craig uses advanced dynamic set of tools and processes  that work more effectively and have a higher success rate. The majority of people really can make profound significant improvements or completely overcome fear of flying in just 1 or 2 specialized treatment appointments – as part of Craig’s amazing  Fearless Flying New You Program.

If you are likely here because of recommendation or you are looking to stop your fear of flying phobia cure – you may have just found it… Men and women  of all ages with fears ranging from milder anxiety to complete terror have all been helped by Craig  and are now fearlessly flying!
His Global Clients throughout Europe, USA, UK , and more. Transformation bespoke service also via skype or zoom.  London clinic in Harley Street W1 and central London depending on availability & Craig’s schedule.

…All now explained here;

 Stop fear of flying today…

 Does the thought of flying in aeroplanes etc feel you with dread, panic, anxiety?

 Do you tend to avoid certain situations…

Are you missing out on vacations or business opportunities… due to  your flying fear?

Enjoy freedom from Fear of Flying with fast and effective treatment – even via video skype!

Experience new & better quality of life

• Flying fear can be cured…

Want to find out more:

Fear of flying expert help USA, Uk, London, Europe

Flying Tomorrow or soon?  VIP Immediate Help SOS Service in person or  by skype video phone – learn more  or see below.

If you can relate to  typically any of the above with your challenges… like many of the people that come to Craig Santini-G for help  for your flying fear in aeroplanes – welcome you’re in the right place!

*Note; Before you continue, Craig only works with people who genuinely want to make positive changes in their lives, are committed and serious! So if that’s you then please continue on this snapshot page overview here & videos  to see….And if you are thinking about working with Craig to help stop your flying  phobia fear and panic attacks, please read here  first.


Introducing one of the best cure Phobia/Flying Fear Experts
a leading choice internationally… 

*New year, and your time to get the right help available and powerful fast transformational solutions for you... and maybe you too can join  the countless hundreds of clients over the years who have found Craig’s services, expertise & unique abilities ‘life changing.

Do you want to conquer & Cure your fear of flying?
If you suffer the wait is OVER… Now discover  HOW Craig Santini-G. can  help and transform your FEAR no matter how extreme it is – as you take your time and read further.
**And click to open info link below.

A message from Craig, about his sought after transformational fear of flying programs… what you need to know, and HOW specifically he can help you;

“The fear of flying  can be debilitating, resulting in sufferers missing out on experiencing and enjoying  family or special  events, weddings,  holiday vacations etc  and – in numerous cases – business or work promotions!
Others have to cope with their loved ones, or work colleagues simply not understanding your anxiety around flying fear.  Are you  suffering in silence….I do understand, can, and want to help you  and know the real restrictions that it can put on your life choices, career, business trips and holiday options…
Do you ‘self medicate’ before and during a flight with alcohol and/or prescription drugs?

Has your fear of flying even perhaps stopped & prevented you from even getting on a plane?

 I see ‘common themes  and concerns’  with countless people over the years afraid to fly that I have transformed – so please  know, you are not alone!
Many clients with fear of flying may have already tried help and treatment  such as traditional hypnosis, psychotherapy and airline flight fear courses exposure therapy before seeing me privately. ”

What are the fees?

There are different ways of working with Craig for this service –  your Investment in You, starts from: £275 uk pounds (UAE clients please convert this)
and for Craig’s USA Clients starts from; $275 dollars
How Craig helps people why it is so effective and fast…
Please now read the rest of this info page and fees guide.at the end of it

What causes fear of flying?
Craig  explains here in brief and what you NEED to know…

The first important thing you need to know is that  fear of flying can be created  by a number of different factors and things and can be condensed down to a few key reasons here;
1) Many people come to us for help because they’ve had perhaps a bad experience flying, and now further flights they are constantly on edge and get anxiety etc.
2) Or grew up seeing family members such as parents, siblings or even friends being scared and thus ‘learned, created and (at an unconscious level) typically  ‘developed’ elements and traits regarding scared of flying from that….

  • Does even the thought of getting on to a plane fill you with panic?

  • Worrying about being shut in the plane or feeling claustrophobia?

  • Dreading turbulence… Does any air turbulence reduce you to a gibbering wreck?

  • Worrying about take off…. or any noises the airplane makes etc?

  • Do you imagine that everything that could go wrong on a plane, will go wrong? 

If anything  described and mentioned  what you have read  so far are familiar to you, there is good news…

In short, we see men and women from ALL walks of life and ages….And frequently many business professionals,  high profile celebrities, sports figures and others in the public eye. Over 65% of new clients coming as referrals from our previous clients and global organizations we helped.  Craig has unwittingly building an ‘underground’ reputation as the go-to guy.

Cure fear of flying help
The benefits, and why many choose
Craig Santini-G  The Ultimate Therapist
Gold star rating celebrity life coach

No matter who you are personally or professionally or where you come from, please know you can be assured that Craig and his amazing support team will do our best to help you..

ALL services and treatment with us is totally confidential, helping you dramatically turnaround and overcome fear of flying with Craig’s amazing transformational approach is like no other, totally bespoke and tailored to your individual needs and goals to provide the best breakthrough results!

Why our approach works more effectively

*Unlike a number of other therapy methods  he doesn’t  go digging around  looking into the past analyzing for deep hidden meanings and Craig does NOT use exposure techniques. Instead he takes a direct totally solution focused approach that create rapid lasting results….working with the problem as it manifests in your consciousness, to help you overcome your fear quickly and know that people can change because he already helps  many other people just like you stop fear of flying, and put you back in control of how you feel. So  the new YOU  can feel calmer and completely  more relaxed!


Craig is a pioneer in the field of new psychology, transformational coaching – and has the most simple and clear understanding of explaining how the mind works and how we experience reality and is an international leading Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and mindset expert – and is renowned for helping people treat the most difficult problems.  He  has studied and investigated nearly every method of therapy, coaching and personal change available.

Through Craig’s over 26 years of experience he has developed some  of the most powerful, fastest – highly effective and simplest methods  to resolve any emotional issue…that literally saves decades of pain and struggle and unresolved conflicts and challenges.
can often dissolve the most severe fear of flying in just  hours with his amazing  Fearless Flying New You Program™

Flying phobia Expert cure -Craig Santini -USA-London Uk_ DubaiNow get the help, and solutions you’re looking for and deserve to overcome your fear of flying  no matter how acute and chronic the severity of it… or how many years you  may  have suffered –  There is no coincidence that you are here….

Craig Santini-G  is a world-leading expert on removing extreme phobias and fears FAST!  

The question is, if not now, when? The doors of possibility are open,
and the time is now.

Strat sess reservebutton

Fear of Flying absolutely can be successfully treated!

And Craig even helps most people via his sought after special live video/skype telephone service he has developed over the years!  (Specifics a little further into the page)

Work with Craig - Hypnosis expert-London-Dubai-USA-SpainAfraid  of flying is often one of the most common phobias that Craig treats and helps clients with. And overcoming your fear or phobia no matter how intensively it effects you is actually easier than you may of thought….

Just imagine how much better your life’s personally or professionally is going to be, after your fear’s gone!

Maybe you’ve already tried help from others and forms of therapy and not very effective and they didn’t work for you. Or perhaps simply decided that you’ve just had enough of being scared of flying And realize this cannot continue any longer – and feel that now’s the time to do something about it and be free from fear.

What you NEED to know…

A powerful effective approach that
simply  WORKS…

The bottom line is – regardless of  HOW your specific flying fear started it’s a learnt behavior response…
and Craig  can help you overcome the fear all its components, limiting beliefs and  negative different things you experience and easily change any unwanted reaction very simply with Craig’s FearlessFlying New You Program

The past doesn’t equal the future!  You are NOT your behavior, and your mind is so powerful beyond belief that you absolutely have the power to change any unwanted behavior…

Most people do not see their beliefs,
Instead, their beliefs tell them what they see.
This is the simple difference between clarity
and confusion….and thus creating the results of fears, panic and anxiety.

In short,  Craig will revolutionise the way you think about flying  creating deep, powerful, lasting and natural change…. By creating new associations and  re-programming mind-body existing unconscious thoughts that produce the panic attacks, Craig will simply help you to replace those feelings of anxiety and other negative emotions with a feeling of calmness and control.

With over 18 years experience of helping people overcome their fear/ phobia / of scared of flying Craig’s transformational coaching help more people overcome this fear so you can feel better sooner.

You will discover a new sense of empowerment and positive fearless flying freedom.

Are you ready to be the change you want… and discover the NEW  Best version of  YOU!

The key to finally turn your own fear of flying – into fearless flying!

 *At the heart and essence of what you are experiencing is panic and anxiety and the great news is….you can completely overcome any of this – because Ultimately, your fear of flying (or any phobia) is a story  YOU  have ‘projected’ what may happen – a learnt unconscious behavioral response or previous ‘experience trigger.’
Which is why it feels like it’s happening in the moment, to you. However because it’s a mind-body learnt response you have CREATED  and therefore with the right know how, can be UNcreated!

Frankly you have got really, really good at knowing HOW to scare yourself!  Everything you’re doing it’s an inside job otherwise every single person on the same plane anytime they fly would also react and be scared of flying – make sense?

As Craig often says to clients and a huge insight realization for them when ‘the penny drops’ and they get this;

You’re never scared of what it is you think you’re scared of… you’re scared of WHAT you THINK!

*Almost invariably the  feeling of anxiety is a big component and  one of the major key driver factors that causes and sustains the fear in and of itself. Thereby producing a ‘loop’ within the minds neurology that typically and very simply explained is this; “anxiety = scared/fear of flying = anxiety = scared/fear of flying”, etc.
You are experiencing  what we call  ‘the anxiety loop’ and Craig will show you how to stop this and Be free from fear of flying!

Sorry if you were looking for complicated  explanations , it is just that simple :)

*Imagine how life  is NOW going to be better… after you’ve overcome Fear of Flying!

Craig Specializes in Radical Transformations and Breakthroughs…He works his unique brand of “magic,” and transformation helping individuals with seemingly insurmountable challenges turn themselves around. A superb bespoke service designed for those who want profound change, answers and new possibilities!

‘Plane Whisperer’ Helps Others Overcome Their Fear
Just imagine what it would be like to be the new you… a cool, calm and confident flyer. And how much better your life’s personally or professionally is going to be after your fear’s long gone.

I have created my  FearlessFlying New You Program™ to help you do just that. It’s all about going where you want to go, when you want to go, visiting places you want to visit business or pleasure and capturing those important memories with families and friend… or   making your work or business opportunities air travel experience now completely different!

The personalized taylor made help and program provides EVERYTHING you need to regain full control and in short, be the New you and change you want to be!

You get a whole complement of change tools and resources to ground your fear now and forever. Your sessions with Craig who will provide a very personal and exclusive level of individual attention and motivation specifically tailored to your current needs.

The next time you fly can be different…It’s the best possible decision today you can make.

All you have to do is say YES and take action to make it happen

Fees & How to get started…

Every year we successfully help more people overcome Fear of Flying Phobia so you can feel better sooner!

Here are the Fearless Flying New You Program options to choose from,
and typical investment to make it all happen for you

Totally bespoke personal, private and confidential!
Freedom from Fear of Flying tailored Program  with Craig Santini-G can be done either by;

  • Live video e.g.  using skype/Zoom hugely popular method and a game changer for so many clients over the years!
    (see here or below in the green tabbed  area to read more)
  • Or in person at one of Craig’s various locations in USA, UK, Spain, Dubai
    depending on Craig’s busy global schedule… and  London clinic in Harley Street W1 and central London.
    For info on  Locations see here

How long will it take?
Typically in most cases with clients we would expect it to take between simply  1-3 appointments (via video skype etc or in person to overcome) your flying fear /phobia. 
(Everything can simply be discussed with a brief 10 minute no obligation Strategy assessment telephone or skype call directly with Craig he can set up with you)

Your Investment in You, starts from:  £275 uk pounds (UAE clients please convert this)
and for Craig’s USA Clients starts  from;  $275 dollars

For really extreme cases may require a bespoke program for you of a few sessions – and a  tailored package & fee arranged for you.

Craig Santini-G  provides an unparalleled opportunity to transform your fear of flying and his unique therapy treatment help. 

Arrange your FREE* initial strategy Fearless Flying  assessment and consultation to find out more.
Serious Inquiries only please!

Serious enquires only

* Disclaimer we are obliged to state; As with all types of therapy – results may vary
per person and are dependent on many factors.

We hope we’ve answered your questions and by now, you’re ready to make this wonderful change. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you’ll make a difference and be the change you want!

Flying Tomorrow or soon?
SOS need help now special Priority service possible available If you Flying over the next  few days!

There are also other popular additional Special premium service options and intensives you might want to choose also  as part of Craig’s Fearless Flying program. To learn more simply click on the  tabs below.

Working with Craig via Video skype etc  for your fearless flying Program….

fear-of-flying help skype videoThis method of working is a total game changer and HUGELY popular for countless  people
world-wide for so many obvious reasons.
No matter what location country or city you are it enables you to work with Craig live as if in the same room as you and seeing him in person…. Fast simple all  from the comfort of your  own home!

Read much more about Craig’s work  and profound results using  his skype therapy, hypnosis and more and discover for yourself  why so many people now prefer this method.  Craig was one of the first to pioneer using therapy help  and Hypnosis  etc by  telephone video skype 

Flying Tomorrow or soon?
SOS need help now special Priority service possible available If you Flying Tomorrow or over the next  few days!

Sos Help Flying fearCraig  where feasible and his schedule will prioritize you to the front of his list and work with you for your flying fear. This  is available in person at one of his locations or usually via live video such as using skype or similar  etc… as it is far more practicable and easier given the limited time you have – and where you might happen to be (city and country) and Craig.

*This is a pull out all stops I need fast help asap now SOS
and hence is a Special premium service.

Your Investment in You for this – to be discussed

 Transformational ONE  day Intensive –  and actually Fearlessly Fly in a plane WITH Craig together!

flying fear cure help private 425 x266If you are the sort of person that wants something exclusive and completely tailored to your needs, then welcome we  have the Platinum  premium service ‘one to one’ VIP Fearless Flying One day Intensive programme.

The day itself in short;
Craig will work with you and his unique brand of rapid change techniques after  spending careful time understanding you and your Flying fears.
And then we arrange  towards the end  part of the day to enjoy actually going flying with Craig and board a flight… and normally do a short trip either by small private aircraft or jet or commercial airplane and he is there with you should you even need a top up with some strategies to be a fearless flyer. Our experience has shown us what an amazing total  difference people feel about flying and the transformation by the end of their day with us.

This very popular VIP Intensive  programme, naturally as you would expect, at this level the investment fee costs a lot more than our other  Fearless flying programs on this page –  but the feedback suggests it is worth every penny… men and women with fears ranging from milder anxiety to complete terror have all been helped by Craig  and are now fearlessly flying. 

The Fee and your Investment;  Fees are dependent on the individual requirements of each client and varies on what you want and other dynamics This is something that would have to be discussed and also any additional expenses, travel and other things.
Hence costing and your investment is determined only when we know specifics and what is required . Whatever you want your programme to contain, (ethically of course!) within  reason we can do it, as it is totally your day.

This actually  is a very popular option for busy celebrities/executives business professionals etc and we do not accept everyone onto this.

Only if you are serious about the VIP Day Intensive Programme please Contact us now for you VIP fearless Flying day – lets talk.

Typical Questions about our fear of flying program.

I am the most scared person that you could ever imagine – how can you help me?
Men and women  of all ages with fears ranging from milder anxiety to complete terror have all been helped by Craig  and are now fearlessly flying!

Craig takes his  time understanding you and your fears and have helped hundreds of people just like you. Our experience has shown us what an amazing total difference people feel about flying and the transformation by the end of their tailored  program with Craig and whichever option you chose.
Please also read below.

I suffer from bad claustrophobia and panic attacks, how can you really help me?

Craig as explained on this page and other areas on the website specializes in acute extreme cases of fears, panic attacks and let alone severe claustrophobia. Your reason for getting your phobias and fears is unique to you. Craig has seen it all and he uses a range of transformational rapid results psychological techniques when working with you. The mixture of different tools, Craig’s expertise and the way he works gives you the best possible chance of transforming your fears and you are in the right hands!

Do you offer any discount prices?
No,  Sorry….

Any other questions please also see the website general FAQ

Flying Fear –  The Next Steps

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Find out more about how Craig can help you overcome your fear of flying  We would be delighted to have a chat with you and answer any questions you may have…
With no obligation to take things further.
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