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Expert Specialist Help for extreme cases including;  OCD, Compulsive hoarders and hoarding, Binge drinking, compulsive eating, addictions  and all types of  severe anxiety expert help compulsive shopping…and much more on this information page and links. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Specialist.

Get the  best help and fast transformation you deserve in London Harley St, and Uk locations, USA, New York,  LA, Spain, and International ….One of the best experts in the world specialist at helping  clients overcome a wide range of compulsions, destructive habits, behavioral, emotional and psychological issues.  Helping individuals with seemingly insurmountable challenges turn themselves around.
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You too can change areas of your life and situations that have seemed unchangeable – until now. Free yourself from life-long blocks, crippling emotions, patterns and beliefs that hold you back…without the need for medication or the typical countless months (or years) as is the standard normal of traditional help, CBT etc & counselling!

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Are you looking for a fast transformational program to help you  stop your compulsions, OCD or  Habits affecting key areas of your life- personal, work, relationships etc… and discover a new You?

As each person and the cause of their problem is unique, this is a fast  transformational programme specifically tailored for you which gets real results – in only just a few sessions… With  special  Advanced Hypnotherapy if required and next generation Break-through techniques and transformational coaching that get profound results – however many years,  difficult & extreme the problem for you!

Depression Expert Natural healing Cure - USA-London UKCompulsions and Compulsive behaviors can range from simple everyday behaviours such as shopping to more reckless behaviors such as binge drinking and eating,  self-harming etc and numerous addictions, such as  compulsive gambling and so forth. Craig helps many people Internationally with  his expertise coming up you can read  – and numerous other related issues including specialist  help with  compulsive hoarders and hoarding.

You can read more about Compulsions on WIKI here.

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Understanding obsessions and compulsions people think they are the same this is not quite correct.
Compulsive Behaviour is often produced by a certain way of thought patterns and  degree of “distorted thinking”, in particular that the sufferer feel they have “no control” over the impulse.

Obsessions are involuntary negative thoughts, images or urges and impulses,  occurring over and over in the mind  and cause significant fear and anxiety.  The Obsessions  is often a daily battle especially with people Craig helps a lot with severe   OCD for example.. Obsessions can be about anything and can often leave you feeling disgusted, guilty or apprehensive and unable to share them with others and talk about them.

Compulsions  are actions or thoughts you feel compelled to repeat, and are the behaviours, often accompanied by the obsessive thoughts, which the person feels compelled to act out  – and instant relief is felt – perhaps smoking for example or comfort eating . Or  for example, you may excessively wash your hands as a response to an obsessional fear about germs or big fear of being sick,  emetophobia,  again Craig help many with world-wide.

Whatever the compulsion,  for many people you are unlikely to experience any pleasure or fulfilment when carrying out it out and yet still find yourself doing it over and over again – carry out their compulsions in secret, like ‘rituals’.

Obsessions : Obsessions  are images,thoughts or impulses that occur over and over again and feel uncontrollable.

Compulsions: Compulsions  are actions taken to alleviate anxiety.

People are unable to control either the thoughts or the activities. A person may experience obsessions, compulsions or both.

Anxiety-phobias- fears - compulsions best expert help -USA-UK London_optIn general terms a compulsive behaviour is one that is undertaken, often with little thought or  with a sense of having been ‘driven’ to it. Usually Compulsions are often acted out in order to make the obsessive thoughts go away. Frequently there may be some feelings of guilt or often shame felt afterwards perhaps compulsive eating habits, chocolate, or Gambling and shopping  compulsions etc, but immediate gratification is felt at the time.

However, with extreme Obsessions & OCD, this sense of relief, this gratification, is often never achieved. and almost invariably become more exaggerated rather than reduce over time….They can find themselves involved in repetitive cycles of repeating same behaviour often becoming totally preoccupied. all of which provide little or no relief.
In short, with all obsessions it is to what degree the issue is preoccupying your time and/or limiting your  quality of life that is important….

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“My approach is not about managing the issue, but to get rid of it as soon as possible, then teach you how to keep it away. There is no better feeling than changing someone’s life for the better.”
Surprisingly I  work with a great deal of professional individuals and business people men and women  let alone people from all walks of life who are being held back in their life in key areas and careers by various anxieties, unwanted habits,or often looking for help with  their secret struggles of severe Obsessions and Compulsions.

Stress-Peak Performance-mindset 02OPTYou are not alone, we’re here to help you or someone you care about. And have experienced  every year so many people and business professionals wanting to work with me  around the world who want to resolve their  emotional challenges.

From  men and women, teenagers and  from all walks of life I am passionate about working with people who deeply struggle with such Obsessions and Compulsions. and extreme OCD.  to make fundamental changes into their thoughts, feelings, body and emotions so they can really begin to experience life at a new level and their greatest potential and  freedom.

After working with me they have a  new found  inner-belief, calmness, confidence, leadership, communication, and emotional well-being and control….sounds good?

If you are ready – and serious,  you too can create these transformational  changes in your life. Now please read the rest of this brief page from my support team, see the video and  be in touch – It starts with the simply step of contacting me to explore the possibility of us working together…

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High-powered transformation coaching that delivers real-world, life-changing impact. 
that deliver real-world life-transforming results.

You have defiantly come to the right place! Your chance to work with the leading choice sought after help expert offering private and confidential sessions for compulsive behavior freedom; where we’ll be releasing your biggest fears, doubts, insecurities, inner blocks and challenges.
Highly successful treatment program in London Harley St, and Uk locations, USA, New York,  LA, Spain, and International .
Can also easily help you via our hugely popular skype video session… all from the comfort of your  own home! A complete amazing game changer for so many people… skype live video sessions help with his special advanced Hypnotherapy and other powerful techniques, and his unique brand of rapid results transformational super coaching…

Craig Hypnosis expert Usa-London 1A__OptmWith one of the world’s most successful therapists and foremost phobia cure anxiety experts. his diverse expertise transforms lives.  Get ready to discover the extraordinary rapid results, breakthrough techniques of Craig Santini-G  
*His typical global Clients include  A-list celebrities, many business professionals – and people world-wide…for  his diverse expertise, services and solutions.  Transforming countless peoples lives  personally or professionally –  just like YOU!

 Expert Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Specialist.
Therapy for Compulsions in London, USA, Spain, Dubai and  via Skype…

Thank you for visiting this Compulsions help specialist information page, such extreme habits  and unwanted Obsessions, Compulsive behaviors and anxiety come in many forms….

Every year Craig successfully helps more people overcome and finally break free  of their cycle of typical anxiety,  OCD, habits and compulsions…with results that astonish both them and their health professionals who have tried numerous times to treat them before.


If you are looking for  best Compulsive Behavior  Expert London, USA help and Treatment program for you like many  who come here, you  may have just found it here

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The types of Compulsions Helped at a glance;

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). is an area of  one of his specialized expertise  for  Craig fast transformational help for extreme cases please click the can get specific information!
Addictions If you’d like to learn more about Craig’s sought after  addictions help and expertise, please see the Addictions page.  Compulsions and Compulsive behaviors can range from simple everyday behaviours such as shopping to more reckless behaviours such as binge drinking and eating, self-harming,  or compulsive hair pulling  etc.
Stop Hair PullingHelp for Trichotillomania Craig helps many people around the world with this.

Whatever issues you are struggling with  Compulsions  and Habits come in many form, but the ones Craig and his support team most frequently encounter are:

  • Eating Compulsions, particularly comfort eating which is   a response to some sort of  stress or emotional upset
  • Smoking and or other substances – Smoking is the worlds most common Compulsive Behaviour!
  • Excessive Compulsive Shopping
  • Compulsive Binge  Drinking  and Excessive Alcohol
  • Nail biting which referred to as  “oral” compulsion
  • Self-harming compulsions
  • Addictive behaviours (e.g. gambling, porn, misusing drugs or other substances, eating disorders such as SED or Fussy eating, perhaps a body image problem

no1People from every walk of life have used Craig’s transformational range of services, coaching, consultancy and experienced his private special retreats and workshops…


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