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no matter how long you may have had your problem.

*Please take your time to read this special page about 2 minutes, some people need a little information others more, to make a decision.

Do you struggle with shyness, social phobia/anxiety  & confidence, in certain areas of life,
work or career?

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Welcome to one of the most successful & recommended, Social anxiety help expert, with Craig Santini-G founder of Ultimate Therapist. A leading anxiety therapy treatment specialist, for rapid results cutting edge solutions, and his unique Transformational coaching  & advanced clinical hypnotherapy.


With over 25 years experience Craig Specializes in helping people with anxiety, self esteem and confidence issues – completely tailored to your individual circumstances and desired outcomes.

Helped countless people with his bespoke therapy 
Craig has created an array of exceptional powerful solutions and his
one-of a-kind expertise to the complex challenges we face in today’s world.

Shyness Anxiety and related issues, acute fears and phobias.

Would you like to change, but don’t know how?

Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it is impossible.

For clinic Appointments our  various Locations; working with individuals in London and Harley Street W1G  and UK, USA, Dubai,  Europe, offering clients a totally confidential bespoke service, available also by his  highly popular skype/zoom online anxiety help therapy.
So you can get help no matter where you are located.

Internationally renowned, delivering exceptional results.

Craig  has transformed hundreds of clients world-wide with confidence anxiety and Social Anxiety Problems include the corporate world, business professionals, celebrities, teenagers  people from all walks of life  – who have not benefited from previous therapies.
He can help you in so many ways.

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Are You A  Business Professional 
Seeking Confidential Best Help Support To Manage Your Anxiety Secret and Elevate Confidence?

Craig is truly exceptional and effective with  getting results fast, with International clients who have found his unique abilities many often say ‘life changing’.  In short, Craig offers you the skills set, know how, tools and transformation therapy techniques.

Do not suffer in silence – what price do you put on emotional freedom & your own life?  You are not alone, if you suffer with
crippling shyness, social anxiety

Your own big breakthrough could be sooner than you think… to create everything you desire in a different and easier way.

Why struggle any longer, take the First Step to Make your Life Better. Many people, teenagers and business professionals have already discovered their emotional freedom and started living their life to its full potential. You’ve already had this social phobia for far too long!
And time to get rid of it Now.

This could be the gift and change you’re looking for…And become more of who you are fully truly are!

*Contact us Now so you have a better understanding of your options
and of how Craig can help – and to make a bespoke personalised plan for you.

He invites all prospective clients to have a no obligation initial chat or zoom-skype video conversation before he creates a package that suits what you want to achieve. Usually 1 to 3 sessions.

 The social anxiety help  coaching programme with Craig simply arrange a call now.

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Find out More Below – how our therapy for social anxiety can help you
and why Craig is one of the best experts

alt=People notice they can often suffer from social anxiety (sometimes called Social Phobia) around certain people, groups of people or situations or at work etc. It’s also the fear of being judged, negatively.



Social Anxiety, Confidence Hypnotherapy Best Expert specialist and Coaching UK /London / USA, Dubai, Spain and by Skype

Craig is an Anxiety treatment specialist helping countless people each year  rapidly turning around their  social anxiety fears & situations that are extremely acute and have been limiting the quality of their lives for many years. He is  renowned for transforming  those who have  already tried a variety of  previous help and approaches,  and had  little or no relief .

Go-to choice of  A-list Celebrities, business professionals and countless people in the USA, UK and Internationally, for his must have diverse services, solutions  and expertise.

How he can help you today-  learn more now:

Is Social Anxiety /fear-phobia affecting  & holding you back in your life, work-career
or relationships?

Social Anxiety therapy help specialist hypnosis expert coachingAre you looking for a fast transformational programme to help you stop/overcome Social Anxiety, shyness, panic attacks and discover a powerful New you and way to live your life on your terms?
To be in control, calm, confident and speak with clarity…

Nurturing A Healthy Mind  
Social anxiety is sometimes called social phobia /social anxiety disorder… It can affect ANYONE,  regardless of status, shop assistant to celebrity  It can have a devastating and enormously negative impact on the person’s life. With this advanced therapy  and coaching you can rapidly transform & beat social confidence anxiety or social phobia – fear once and for all. 

About Live Online Skype/Zoom help for Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy & coaching

*NOTE; Craig can even in most circumstances help you completely all done simply via Skype video a wonderful game changer for so many from the comfort of your own home!  If that interests you follow this link to explore what possible with  online skype social anxiety  treatment help video sessions.

Do you struggle with shyness or social anxiety /confidence in certain areas of life or at work?  Often  avoid situations, places and events?  And you know this simply cannot continue anymore…
If you suffer the wait is OVER.

Transform your Mindset
Increase your self confidence, improve your self esteem,
realise your self worth, self value and much more…


Effective and Rapid Treatment of Anxiety with Hypnosis, NLP, Transformational Coaching
and Bespoke Therapy Solutions

People who work with Craig change their lives. Resolve social anxiety disorder, confidence and self-esteem –  feel relaxed, calm and in control while interacting with individuals or groups of people, be the person you really wish to BE!

All explained as you  take your time as you read the rest of this special dedicated information social anxiety help page:

Is there a Cure for Social Anxiety?

What more and more people are discovering is that the right kind of  help and approach  tailored specifically to and for you, the changes and difference  and breakthroughs – are profound.


Craig’s highly sought after Social Anxiety Phobia Hypnotherapy and Rapid Coaching Programme is for many a life changing process  that will help you to move way beyond social anxiety, shy and become socially confident – and make the fast changes that matter most to you.

Social anxiety/fear can easily be cured with the right treatment therapy
and Craig has over 25 years experience.

With his special tailor made bespoke programs as a result you will be free to experience the New You and life you want
on your terms – that could be the gift, turnaround and change you’re looking for.

Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy and Confidence Coaching Specialist
Rapid and Highly Effective Bespoke Treatment Program For You

Experience his special advanced hypnotherapy and extensive powerful array of break-through techniques, and his unique brand of rapid results transformational super coaching – and Get the transformation your desire and deserve.

Expert Help for Autism / Asperger syndrome (AS) social anxiety;  USA/UK

**If someone you know or care about has Asperger syndrome (AS) who struggles with social anxiety Craig is teaching parents and carers and great news is,  even via skype/zoom video session for fast profound results.

Now you too can experience Craig’s unique brand of Fast dynamic transformational therapy and powerful solutions
to achieve rapid results.

 Why struggle any longer, take the First Step to Make your Life Better 

Seize this Opportunity – Begin Your Transformation Now.
Your time to change starts here. It’s no accident that you are reading this.

Infinite Possibilities
Craig Santini-G shining the light on what is possi

The Ultimate Therapist
Anxiety Best Expert Help Treatment – Specialist
London, UK – USA, Europe and International

A powerful effective approach that simply WORKS…
Everything is a unique tailored plan customized
each client…

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With no obligation to take things further.  And Expert Help for Autism / Asperger syndrome (AS) social anxiety.
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Skype/online social anxiety treatment/ help expert USA, UK
Social anxiety online therapy USA / Uk
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