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And help for Shyness, Public Speaking Confidence, Self esteem, Be more comfortable in work/social situations…

Over the years helping  hundreds of clients to achieve results they never thought possible.
Unlock your long-lost confidence and become bolder, braver enhanced-New version of themselves.

Don’t ever let your circumstances dictate your destiny… 

Hypnosis expert for Confidence & Transformational Coaching Program
Here at the Ultimate therapist – with Craig Santini-G.

Enables you to be the person you really wish to be.
With his Unique set of powerful, cutting-edge next generation rapid change techniques he has developed that achieve accelerated change to best help you.

Gold star rating celebrity life coach


Clients rave about Craig ultimate therapist help for confidence

Many people around the world come here for a variety of reasons for confidence help, and Improve self esteem. Teenagers, executives, students, business professionals…

Are you looking for a fast transformational confidence building program to help you become more confident in
all key areas of your life- personal, work, relationships etc, and discover a new You?
**Or perhaps need help for public speaking and presentations…

Is low confidence and self esteem causing anxious frustrations and restricting your life.
or holding you back socially or from work?

Are You A Professional Seeking Confidential Support To Elevate Confidence?
Or If you’ve lost your mojo… maybe you have ambitions, goals and dreams – does it stop you from showing up fully
in certain areas, or speaking out?

alt=  The good news is, Let’s Change that Now – Life beyond limits….

Business Confidence Hypnotherapy expert USA-UK-Dubai Want to increase your Self confidence? You have defiantly come to the right place.
A warm welcome to you – We help many clients in UK, London, Dubai, throughout USA, Spain and Europe with hypnosis for confidence, coaching  and cutting edge rapid change tools.

Transformational coaching and Hypnosis builds your self-esteem and increases your self-confidence

Your chance to work with the leading choice sought after help expert for city traders, business professionals, celebrities, media personalities… teenagers – and people from all walks of life  and by skype live video sessions – a complete  game changer for so many people and organisations.

‘It’s as if he flips a switch and the problem is gone.’

Craig Santini-G and how he can help you – Ready to learn & discover more?
The next few minutes read, could be the best thing you’ve been looking for.


Unleash Your Confidence and Personal Power and Take Control of Your Life
We create bespoke packages for every client based on their individual situation and what they want to achieve.
And offer stand alone sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy, coaching and  advanced hypnosis.

The Confidence Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programme is a powerful effective approach
like no other – enables you to be the person you really wish to be…

How it works –
  advanced hypnotherapy accesses your inner resources quickly building your self-belief and your inner confidence…. and combined with  our other special rapid change tool techniques. In short  works with transforming you in key areas… core mindset paradigms, body and emotions  helping to resolve and correct the root cause, and of your low self esteem– and all anticipation, thought patterns so that you see yourself in the most positive light imaginable, unleash your true confidence and have lasting self belief, and so much more… 

Work with Craig - Hypnosis expert-London-Dubai-USA-SpainRapid change – Treatment Results

As a result you will be free to experience the life you want more satisfying and successful, and move beyond limits of negative self-talk, challenges or fears that stop YOU being, doing and having MORE and now take back control… vaporized that old self-limiting belief and tap into your true potential!

Are you too ready to explore a whole new world of possibilities?
Why not find out for Yourself!

Ready to get started?

The Complete Mind Therapy Approach.
#Leading choice expert hypnosis and hypnotherapy for Confidence,
and other cutting edge solutions.

Offering private and confidential sessions;
Highly successful  Confidence coaching  program in London Harley St, and UK locations, USA, New York,  LA  and International .
Can also easily help you via our hugely popular skype or zoom live video session… all from the comfort of your  own home!
Learn more here skype coaching consultations.

View yourself as a self-confident person; How would you feel if you had all the confidence needed in yourself to achieve your goals, take control of your life and achieve more than you ever thought possible?

Craig Hypnosis expert Usa-London Confidence, phobias, Anxiety, Speaking presenting fearsCraig Santini G is one of the world’s most successful therapists and master hypnosis expert. his diverse skill set and solutions  transforms lives. 

Get ready to discover His  extraordinary rapid results, breakthrough techniques  the difference that makes the difference and the change that changes everything.
*His typical global Clients include  A-list celebrities, many business professionals – and people world-wide…for  his diverse expertise, services and solutions.  Transforming countless peoples lives  personally or professionally –  just like YOU!

Craig is in the trenches every week with high profiles people  and organizations who are dealing with extreme levels of stress, pressure, and challenges of being in the limelight and media attention – and  He inspires people from ALL walks of live around the globe to greatness every day – and Newfound Optimism.

Important Message from Craig;

Confidence Hypnotherapy & Coaching Program – How it Can Help you in many ways,
a snapshot overview:

“I often work with a great deal of Business professionals and high profile individuals….
who are being held back in their life in key areas and careers secretly struggling with a crisis of confidence or low self esteem. And have experienced so many people  men and women, teenagers and from all walks of life coming to work with me  around the world who are looking for major breakthroughs and be the best version of themselves.”

Achieve at a whole new level… Rediscover your dreams, passions, and goals, and what you want most out of life, transform  your confidence like never before, get your mojo back and  become unstoppable.

Clients worldwide sidebar optIt’s a process I find utterly absorbing, magical and transformative. In no time at all, someone can see themselves, their life and the world in a completely  different way….

Easily move through overwhelm, anxiety, lack of confidence and stress so that they could create from a place of well being, expansiveness  and flow, your boldest most Radiant Self  like never before and enjoyment, satisfaction and success I would love to support you.

Business Professionals, and People around the world have completely had major breakthroughs with his help and expertise, helping them get their lives back!

We will craft a unique program together that is tailored specifically to you and your needs..

Fees; depending on scope of work involved, your goals etc, and other dynamics hence individual fees vary (see booking fees guide) let’s  discuss – Simply set up a no obligation chat by telephone or skype call.

alt=  Craig Santini has created a ‘Master of Natural Confidence’ Program.
For me Craig  is a big reason I am where I am today.
He’s got incredible insight, mindset shifts, and amazing techniques so you can be truly confident right now. His strategies to change your beliefs, see new solutions, feel and sound self-assured, and build  unshakeable  solid confidence is so empowering.

– Linda USA  Executive business owner

Infinite Possibilities
Craig Santini-G shining the light on what is possible

The new you starts here…

Become your boldest
Most Radiant Self 

Life beyond limits – Unstoppable Confidence, Be More Dynamic and Successful

Powerful solutions to achieve rapid results – you are looking for…

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Would you describe your self as having no confidence?  Confidence in and of itself often means different things to different people…there may be something about your life personally or professionally  that is not as you would like it to be, or do or have . So the question you need to be clear on is; what you  specifically want help for in the area of confidence…. or being confidant with?

You are visiting this page because there may be ‘Something’ you wish you could change but need help with.
To put it simply, there is either :-
Something you wish you were doing,
Something you wish you were not doing – Overwhelmed and Frustrated With…
It’s time to stop wishing and take back control of your life.

What stops us from being confident more often than not is that we get hooked on an emotion that we think is important because it feels powerful. When an individuals suffers from a lack of self-confidence they may believe they are worthless or useless compared to the majority of others. By doing so, you can end up with a distorted, limiting and often harsh opinion of yourself and what you are capable of.
Beliefs running the show, creating our reality, serving us AND stopping us from shifting to the next level.

This may include…

  • Fear of Rejection and Failure
  • Insecurities work or personal
  • Not Being Enough
  • Lack of Purpose and Meaning
  • Full of Doubt

You can’t see your blindspots, because your stories are real to you…The saddest thing about low self confidence is that it can be an unconscious  self-fulfilling prophecy, meaning that those who suffer from low self confidence and self esteem often find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of negative, self-defeating thoughts, and stories  which in turn lead to detrimental behaviors that hold them back from fulfilling their goals.- and life potential,  affecting our ability to live the life we deserve.

Self-Confidence-Help-Expert Hypnotherapy-London-USA-Duba

‘Confidence and Self esteem Breakthrough Program Sessions’

When you work with Craig  he provides amazing tools of change – He opens people up to levels of performance, creativity. results and unlimited natures they never  knew  existed…

Advanced Hypnotherapy & Coaching Program you will also learn what confidence is, recognising when you have it and how to have more of it when you want it….Self-confident people may also suffer from low self-esteem, and this can be seen by the vast number of actors, celebrities and public figures who appear to be overflowing with self-confidence, yet totally lack self-esteem when away from the public eye.

Confidence is all about perception and the way your mind reacts to the world around you…Confident people trust their own abilities, have a sense of control in their lives and really believe in themselves. Craig teaches you how to wipe out any limits in your thinking that block confidence—resolve many underlying issues or to increase confidence over many specific areas, you will ensure powerful and lasting changes.

Developing a unique and tailored treatment plan to help overcome your problem…Craig has powerful solutions that will allow you to take control, replacing old negative feelings and patterns of behaviour , building inner resources to feel, be and act with confidence. and taking you towards the new, positive, confident version of you.

Sounds good?

If you don’t ever start, you’ll never know!

The question really is: how much do you want this?
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Business: Confidence Matters in the Corporate World

Craig  Santini-G works extensively with  men and women entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries who want to unleash their full creative potential, achieve higher levels of performance in key areas, gain clarity  and create better results in their lives and business.

Bipolar Depression Expert Help Treatment London-USA-SkypeCraig consults and coaches executives, business professionals and owners, multi -millionaire entrepreneurs and global CEO’s develop a deep inner security, confidence and strength that will transform the way they do business forever.

Confidence, (including; negotiation, speaking and presenting)  is the most important psychological contributor to performance in the business world. Perform at a certain level, attain a vital goal, or achieve your own definition of success. For business owners create a THRIVING business that supports their ideal lifestyle.

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Success Coaching/Optimum Performance Consultancy

Public Speaking Fear
Confidence Transformation

Believe in better…
Where extraordinary happens

Self Esteem Improvement
Confidence Hypnotherapy
and Special Coaching Programme 

If you want to create Real Changes, let’s begin the process now

Confidence, self esteem coaching and hypnosis expert

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Disclaimer we are required to state; As with all types of therapy – results may vary per person

Clients visit The Ultimate Therapist and Hypnosis Expert Craig Santini-G from all over the UK- USA -Dubai – UAE and Europe.

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