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 Are you looking for an alternative to Addiction Counselling  help which offers fast powerful results?

Craig Santini-G  is a leading  expert and one of the most recommended for  rapid change work addiction therapy treatment. He has a combination of powerful unique approaches and a clinical  Hypnotherapist and NLP specialist and cutting-edge techniques offering some of the Best solutions to help countless people and works Internationally.

Clients come from London/UK, USA, Europe, UAE and by skype or zoom  addiction therapy & consultancy. In short, Craig  is highly sought after choice with celebrities, business professionals and people around the world for his bespoke rapid therapy approaches and coaching.

Known as The  Go-to Guy for ANY Addiction Help Transformation…And Addiction Relapse Consultative Coaching…  Would you like to change, but don’t know how? What is it that would you like to finally let go of?

Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself to an addiction/or compulsion?
Are you’re tired of thinking “I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work?
*Do you have a social media/internet or  gaming  addiction need expert help?

Are You A Professional Seeking Confidential Support To Manage Cocaine, Alcohol,  any Addiction & Elevate newfound Confidence?

How to Become free from the addictive behaviour that’s holding you back 

Craig reveals the underlying causes that drive ALL addictions and compulsive behavior
“He Unlocks and combats the destructive underlying unconscious patterns that lead 80 percent of those recovering with addictions to self-sabotage or relapse”

Craig Santini-G has a unique gift in showing  and helping people how to identify conscious and unconscious blocks and how to finally break free from addiction and is one of the best and fastest, highly sought after world-wide…

What you’re about to read – his expertise has helped many  celebrities, business professionals , their loved ones, city traders,  doctors, teenagers and those from all walks of life around the world, once and for all  END their Addiction…and probably people just like you to move forward in their lives , be your potential and a life filled with peace joy, meaning and fulfillment.

The Addiction Hypnotherapy Expert and Transformational Coaching Program could be the gift and change you’re looking for Now!

Addiction fast treatment expert Helping clients in UK and London, Hollywood, USA, New York, Marbella, Barcelona, Madrid, Spain,  UAE & Dubai, International Service and via skype or zoom private video session wherever you are.

Alcohol Addiction expert how to quit drinking

Gambling, Cocaine, Alcohol  or stopping binge drinking etc  Depending on the issue  usually a  two, four to six weeks solution focused  dedicated tailored step-by-step life changing process. To resolve the underlying core issues, and finally break the cycle of addiction,  take back control. As a result you will be free to experience the New you and way to live your life on your terms and true transformation…

Note* Chocolate, shopping, and Stop smoking help and other addictions can often just be a matter of a session or two BUT you still need to be serious and committed and play your part see links below to read!

Addictions and relapse prevention expert Craig Santini-G offers a  powerful unique combination of  dynamic treatments for Addiction like no  other.

It doesn’t take a long time to become addicted to something and it also doesn’t take a long time to break an addiction when you are in the right hands...

Have you tried many different types of addiction help treatment  or well known rehabs without having complete real success?

Addiction Expert & Help Treatment – Specialist:
UK, London, USA, Dubai, International
*and Transformational Coaching,  clinical Hypnosis expert and
so much more…
The Ultimate Therapist

Help for addictions specialistIntroducing Addiction  expert specialist help & treatment  with Craig Santini-G  he’s the go-to person  for countless people around the globe especially maybe where you have tried using other therapists or methods to-date AND without success. Experience his must have diverse expertise  and Stop your addiction – without the need for medication or the typical countless months (or years) as is the standard normal of traditional help,  12 Step, CBT etc & counselling!

Every year Craig successfully helps more people overcome and stop their Addictions, Depression, and extreme Anxiety…
with results that astonish both them and their health professionals who have tried to treat them before.

(As well as some of  the well known rehab private places their clients come to Craig having relapsed numerous times!)

Help Cure Addictions Therapy & Services Overview

, coaching and  by skype video sessions 
Addiction treatment Specialist –  private and confidential appointments are offered  with Craig’s  bespoke coaching packages in Harley St, (W1) London, various Uk and USA locations, Dubai, Spain or via  Craig’s game changing  skype live video  sessions help with his special advanced Hypnotherapy and other powerful dynamic cutting-edge techniques, NLP, and his unique brand of rapid results transformational coaching…

Craig has enormous success in helping people cure all types of addiction 

addiction best treatment help USA- UK- DubaiHe specializes in addiction help for; alcohol, gambling, food, smoking, drugs, cocaine,  shopping and social media  & internet addictions… imagine How different would your life be if that thing you are currently living with were let go of and transformed?

If you don’t like what you are looking at on the outside – it is time to shift your focus and change the inside. Would you like to experience amazing clarity, peace, and freedom, even in the midst of challenging circumstances?


Your home for
 DE-ADDICTION AND Relapse prevention 

“Pioneering New Paradigms for Addiction Healing!

Gambling | Cannabis | Cocaine | Alcohol | Porn | Smoking | Food |Shopping.. and much more.

Addiction Hypnosis expert London, USA, Dubai,

Make a choice today, to make a change for tomorrow!
Book the conversation that could make all the difference in your life. 

Addiction Hypnotherapy Expert specialist Treatment

CEO’s, Business Professionals, and People around the world have completely had major breakthroughs with his help and expertise, helping them get their lives back!

People from every walk of life have used Craig’s transformational range of services, coaching, consultancy and experienced his private special retreats and workshops…

greenstar-bigYour own big breakthrough could be sooner than you think and just a phone call away  and  much of his work these days can easily be done entirely via live skype or zoom video sessions with Craig!
*Learn more here

addiction help best treatment

Nothing is impossible to Craig Santini-G  bring your biggest problem, and challenges!

addiction expert stop gambling

Other Issues, Addictions & Quick Links;
Craig  can help with the following;

Alcohol Addiction
Control Binge drinking

Cocaine Addiction
Smoking and Cannabis Addiction
Food Addiction & Chocolate
Gambling Addiction
Internet Addiction
Sex, Pornography Addiction
Shopping Addiction

Addiction expert help USA- UK -London-Dubai Contact

If you too are wanting to Think Better, Feel Better, Be Better and want to know more how Craig can help you then please get in touch today.

cocaine problem Expert help treatment

 More and more people are discovering Craig’s help and approach tailored specifically to and for you… take your first step  NOW to regaining control over yourself and your life with

Help for addictions specialist

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but ANYONE can start today –  and make a New ending!

Craig Santini-G has created an array of exceptional powerful solutions and his
one- of- a-kind expertise to the complex addiction challenges we face in today’s world…Do you need help with an addiction or someone you care about?

Ready to learn & discover more?
*(warning; waiting list likely –  hugely popular services)

Craig  will create a unique program that is tailored specifically to you and your needs.  Our goal is to educate and provide you with information you need to achieve the best possible results,  so please read from Craig and his support team the rest of this page and start with the links  just below. *And see the video further in the page and snapshot remaining  information for The Addiction Hypnotherapy Expert and Transformational Coaching Program. 

Experience extraordinary breakthroughs in your life, transformations,  insights and techniques... to help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

What change might be possible that you haven’t yet allowed?
It’s no accident that you are reading this.
The New you starts here

What you need to know special information before contacting us  for addiction consultancy help
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Addiction Breakthrough to Success – Life beyond limits
There’s a reason why so many individuals are turning to Craig’s over 20 years of experience and his signature cutting-edge methods including his special advanced clinical hypnosis and wide range of techniques he has developed to overcome a personal addiction, emotional or professional dilemma, to build new found confidence and freedom.

Craig’s  approach is not about managing the issue, but to get rid of it as soon as possible, then teach you how to thrive and  keep it away…. 

Craig mindset coach, addiction expert and much more

frtquoteHe Unlocks and combats the destructive underlying unconscious patterns that lead to 80 percent of those recovering with addictions to self-sabotage or relapseendquote

Craig reveals the underlying causes that drive ALL addictions and compulsive behavior…

Whilst many people including celebrities, high profiles, business professionals indeed  people from all walks of life struggle with  different addiction, experience tells me that profound change is possible. My approach is not about managing the issue, but to get rid of it as soon as possible, then teach you how to thrive and  keep it away. 

Until and unless you CHANGE someones at their  very core identity level – regarding addiction or any behavior change and habits etc –   they are not helped long term…

no1The secret sauce – and difference that makes the Difference…
Whilst stopping any such active addiction is the first essential step, there is so much more  key dynamics that can and must be done to make this change a lasting one. One reason that my Addiction Hypnotherapy and Transformational Coaching Program is so effective is that it changes a person’s deepest beliefs about who they are.

Craig life changing addiction coaching  program is all about empowering  the person to take ownership of their issues and behaviors….then breaking the link between the old patterns of thinking, behavior and the reinforcement that keeps you addicted to be let go. .

When you Change the way you look at things…
The things you look at Change

It’s What You Can’t See That’s Holding You Back From Freedom and Everything Else…

Cutting-edge integrative treatment approach…

Addictions and quit-smoking expert hypnosis “Here  is the secret to Craig Santini’s Addiction Success Treatment and the missing fundamental part of the jigsaw, why so many rehabs fail long term for so many people and celebrities we keep seeing in  and out of them, or swapping one addiction for  another…”

It is ‘learned behavior, think about it  no one was born a gambler, or addicted to porn, or shopping or alcohol etc.You are relying on using something or  as a distraction and so called  ‘coping  mechanism’ a strategy  if you will…. to get your ‘unmet needs’ met  (often these are at an unconscious level beyond our awareness!)

It’s as if he flips various switches  and the problem is gone – many say…

“I can show anyone how to find that behavioral pattern and change it, And with special fast methods I have developed… I  find and collapse the core anxiety that is driving your addiction. This is much more effective than other treatment approaches  because it dissolves the issue that is fueling your compulsion….I can show anyone how to eliminate the cause and beat their challenges in a way that few others in any program or plan can. And in rapid time…

You Must work on human dynamics level of our identity: ‘who we are and want to BE’  the new you if you will, Our Identity core level is where ALL our behavior and habits resides, whether it’s wanted or un-wanted!

And hence why you see so many people, celebrities in and out of rehab, its often a temporary fix for so many, because:

factThey never cleared out their unconscious strategies and many rehabs do group work, talk therapy and never really get to the core, identity of a person, where real lasting change can only happen. Also, unless the core anxiety is collapsed, you will, at best, simply substitute a new addictive behavior for the old one. It may have less severe side effects, but it is still an addiction. This is why we see so many people in Alcoholics Anonymous and rehabs who are heavily into caffeine or cigarettes or sugar. Same process, different drug.

‘It only takes One Story, One Message, One profound insight Recognition to transform your life forever! Craig and his team teach their many clients the life skills they will need to free them and finally break the cycle of their addiction once and for all or stay sober etc and change their lives!

In my work I help many of my diverse clients finally end addiction and self-sabotage and create more meaningful lives for themselves… You will experience that living from the ‘inside out’, connected to your essence and wellbeing leads to amazing possibilities previously untouched and untapped. You free your mind of old limitations, habits and fears and you see with unimagined clarity of mind how you will create and live your best life. and be unshackled from the limiting beliefs of the past.

In short my work is to help you experience this  ultimately for yourself. There is no better feeling than changing someone’s life for the better.”

You have only three choices in life ~ Give in, give up or give it all you’ve got. What are you choosing today?

Let’s find you that perfect process that will turn your key, unlocking your power that lies within you!

 wait list priority

Please note this service is one of Craig’s  Specialty’s and currently has a waiting list of up to  several months, slots can come up also his emergency crisis help however  MAY be available – please contact him in confidence.

He will be happy to discuss where possible, anything with you…and explore whether the programme is right for you.

From the desk of Craig Santini-G
It’s really important that you are committed and ready  to resolve the addiction issues. Are we the right fit?

Are you interested in or committed….

The simple truth is that in order for you to end your addiction mild or extreme you will need to work at it. When you are committed to an outcome there are no excuses. You will take the action necessary to achieve the goal you desire. But if you are interested you will only do what is convenient. You will always have reasons why you can’t do what it takes.

Committed people achieve greatness.
Interested people struggle and live a life of mediocrity and can’t figure out why they feel stuck…

Skype-online-Counselling-Psychotherapy-These days, I am very selective and careful about who I take on as a client. Please simply appreciate  If I don’t see a high level of readiness and taking responsibility for your role 100% commitment …
(is what I simply ask)  and a willingness to actively engage in the addiction coaching  process  even if clients are willing to pay my bespoke fees for the scope of work, I will NOT take them on as a client!  if you are not ready, and genuinely want to resolve your addiction, change the history of behavior and make positive changes in your life.

We have an initial  conversation, resulting in I  only work with those people that I think will benefit from the programme. And actually turn down about 30% of those who approach me and yes a number of celebrities – indeed anyone regardless of their status.  I  want to be of service  so don’t want them to waste their time, mine and  their money if for some reason I  cannot work with them and many folk appreciate my candor  and honesty – frankly I have learned over the years believe me the hard way!

quote-bgOne of the greatest challenges I have for my  sought after addiction help etc is determining WHO I will work with. Every one expresses the DESIRE to change but not everyone is willing to ‘get to cause” and accept “response-ability’ for THEIR change. I don’t “cure” people. I teach them how to “master their own minds for a change”. I help them to clear blocks and release old beliefs and patterns. Some people want me to just wave a magic wand and make them all better. Sometimes it seems like that’s what I do. Change can be rapid. But ultimately it’s the client making the change not me!

Addiction isn’t your fault, BUT…
it is YOUR responsibility…
The clients I work with understood this and are willing to roll up his or her sleeves and do what I call “The Work.”

Confidence Hypnotherapy expert London-USA-OptTruly transformational change…

Ending any addiction can be a challenging process. I therefore prefer to keep my clients for addiction help  and relapse coaching numbers purposely low…
This means that I can give my total best to each of them and help you make the difference, that MAKES  the difference  I  am honest, candid and upfront, very supportive, caring –  and offer a space and  the opportunity to achieve truly incredible, potentially  life-changing transformation for you.

Knowing I only take on such clients who are ready to do whatever it takes…

Are you ready?
If so, let’s have a  conversation

quote-bgI know intimately your pain, sadness, anxiety, and denial. All of the trials and tribulations that come  with addiction!
I KNOW what it is like…
I lived addictions with my own chronically addicted alcohol dependent father… from when I was 7 years to in my  20′s…He slowly died ended up the last two years of his life in a half way hostel care home and penniless because of addiction.
At the time I was only starting out new to all this therapy stuff. And If I only I knew then –   what I know NOW….

My dad was a  tortured sole  who relied on alcohol (a big whisky drinker)  to so called ´’cope’ with life and pressures. Infact my parents divorced when I was 7 due to his drinking and violent out bursts and over the years he relied on it more and more.

Addiction help- for-Celebrities-and managersRock bottom, 2 wife’s, made good money lost it all and dies penniless…
He was police officer when he took early retirement (32 years service) and went on to  set up a detective agency and  with me and security consultancy . We built good business working with high profile celebrities, media personalities,  big companies etc… only for him to wreck that and his income due to long story short his addiction to alcohol. The amount of times over the years me,  friends and so forth  would have  to pick him from places collapsed in streets, pubs, park benches,  and literally  the gutter with bruises, cuts, wearing un -washed clothes worn for weeks.

It was horrible to see my own dad like this each year getting worse. What started years back as regular month benders  for a few days  GREW, they became  entire week or two weeks  he would then develop into  later every day drinking that was his life and relied on it….

And now he had a second divorced wife married longer to her than my mum he self sabotaged that marriage as well. He tried various help  for his drinking and  he tried AA over the years …..BUT none for him was successful.

My daddy  died in this half way home penniless he had turned this shade of yellow for about 9 months and left this earth from  alcoholic liver disease cirrhosis …

So yes I have first hand experience what rock bottom addiction can be like and for families going through this and stress.

Transformationalcoaching optFast forward over 20 years later I understand what successful treatment takes, and looks like… having helped hundreds of people all over the world achieve it  – where others couldn’t…And because I have talked in depth to celebrities and  many others over the years,  asking them what was actually  specifically missing for them they felt deep down and other key things as to ‘WHY’ they relapsed and truthfully felt previous treatments failed them….

And if you know how to do something and have a special gift – especially treat a person for addiction – and I can make a difference I will give you 100%.

Please note this is one of Craig’s  Specialty’s and currently has a waiting list of up to  several months, his emergency crisis help however  MAY be available – please contact him in confidence.

He will be happy to discuss where possible, anything with you…


Hypnosis-Expert-Craig-Santini-client-session-opt2vsMessage from Craig
The service I provide is exclusive, bespoke and extremely personal. It’s all about achieving breakthrough results and dramatic transformations… Please appreciate I only work with the most committed people who are serious!
(As clearly explained in the second link further above)  I am selective and keep my client numbers purposely  low for addiction work…This means that I can give my total best to each of my clients and we together collaborate to make truly transformational changes. We work together confidentially either in person at my London, UK, USA and International  locations or easily all done most cases via live video sessions skype etc.

Fees your investment in yourself – addiction transformational services
The following  is simply a guide for the freedom from addiction program everything is totally bespoke and specifically tailored for your unique needs, challenges and goals and other dynamics… and can be determined once we have initially spoken. 

People only see the tip of the iceberg and don’t realise what always goes on behind the scenes.I  do quite a lot of prep work for clients before sessions and things to do after and  support between sessions. The fees I charge for this scope of work and my expertise reflect this.

Fees guide 

Individual Sessions –  from £275   60-90 minute focused personalized breakthrough session  (same in dollars for my USA clients)

Freedom from Addiction Program Intensives  – from  £825 (same USA)

One day Breakthrough  Intensives Coaching Packages – from £3,000 (same USA dollars)

Relapse prevention Consultancy Service – fees to be personally discussed per individual case.
This is bespoke to each individual (highly in demand service) includes planning and commitment to following that relapse plan.

I invite all prospective new clients to a free confidential initial addiction Breakfree strategy  consultation. This can happen via phone, Skype or similar  or, depending upon my International travel  availability, in person at one of my Locations and we would need to schedule this consult – please  book here. I would be delighted to explore how I could help you. Serious enquirers only.

Disclaimer we are obliged to state; As with all types of therapy – results may vary
per person and are dependent on many factors..

booknow (1)

Infinite Possibilities
Craig Santini-G shining the light on what is possible
Addiction help – Now read more…

Private Specialist  –  Confidential Help for Any Addiction
Solution Focused Therapy & Coaching Intensive

Your Freedom from Addiction …
Transforming lives Personally – Professionally
Dedicated to helping you!

Craig Santini-G doesn’t just Change people….
He Transforms them;

Craig has developed some of the most powerful, fastest and simplest methods developed to resolve any emotional issue…that literally saves decades of pain and struggle and un-resolved conflicts and challenges…

What maybe right now are fixed points of view and judgments are keeping you from the other possibilities that are ALSO actually available to you!

Who Craig works with

In short, we see men and women for his  suite of services from ALL walks of life and ages….And frequently many business owners and professionals  high profile celebrities, sports figures and others in the public eye. CEOs business leaders….
Square Mile addiction specialist city of London and Wall Street New York…
Craig has enormous success in helping people to cure their all types of addiction and compulsions &  for those in the know  –  he’s their secret Go-to guy…

Re-writing Your Past,
Transform your future
Believe in better…

Stop Addiction Private Specialist Help Hypnotherapy & Coaching Program

Get ready to discover the extraordinary rapid results, breakthrough techniques of Craig Santini-G  he takes Hypnosis, Counselling, Therapy, Life Coaching, Modern Psychology –  to Way Beyond the Next Level- the difference that makes the difference and the change that changes everything.

Craig creates the  magical space and awareness and  turnaround  for people to at last discover why and how they are creating their addictions, compulsions, depression, ocd  and unhealthy habits etc he has  unwittingly building an ‘underground’ reputation as the go-to guy  for people around the globe and with A-list celebrities from London to Hollywood.

Our clients come here because they want something special and not the ordinary, and in turn we can help you produce extraordinary results…. Experience Craig’s powerful next generation techniques and must have solutions –  to help you become the new version of you!


Ready to make profound changes in your life?
The next steps…

A powerful effective approach that simply WORKS…
Everything is a unique tailored plan customized
each client…

Life beyond limits…
Here is  what can happen in the  Addiction Hypnotherapy Expert Special Programme
and Relapse Prevention

Addiction Expert Help Treatment UK- London-USA-Skype

Addiction is a symptom of deeper underlying issues and trying to get your un-met needs… This highly experiential format literally  transforms you at your core being. This is not your typical addiction counselling session where  you sit, you talk about addiction and Craig  listens. The work we do is deep and transformational. 

Craig Santini-G   has integrated a wide range of powerful no-nonsense rapid results   techniques  – he has developed into a personalized taylor made bespoke system unlike any other, that allows him to quickly pinpoint Set Points (mental mindset and emotional blocks that keep people stuck often for years )  techniques that are specifically created to change the triggers in the brain, stop self-sabotage issues, release trauma and facilitate impressive shifts in his clients’ lives.

Addictions and compulsions are habits of action that are run by habits of thought – and by changing the thought process as well as the habit itself,  long term success is almost always achieved.

  • You will resolve personal triggers associated with the addiction
  • Changing the identity and beliefs that are causing the problem and create a new empowering identity about who you NOW are.
  • When all this is applied to addiction, some almost miraculous things happen….
  • You will heal, grow and develop emotionally and mentally and be the change you want – free from the addiction.

Best therapy for addictions with Craig Santini-G
UK, London, Hollywood LA-Dubai (UAE)
International Bespoke service

Are you  committed and ready to take the first step to solve your compulsions, addictions issues and  now get your life back on track and in control?

If so, the first step is to simply get in touch.

Addiction Hypnotherapist expert specialist with Craig and coaching bespoke program sessions are available  in London and Harley Street and  various Uk, USA  Locations, Spain, Dubai  and also via  Zoom or Skype live video!

Simply set up a conversation today  & explore more how Craig can specifically help you.

Addiction Specialist Hypnotherapist expert in london, USA, Dubai book appointment

Feel free to email him in strict confidence by clicking the link and contacting Craig today for best addiction help and Treatment for you.

Disclaimer we are obliged to state; As with all types of therapy – results may vary
per person and are dependent on many factors..

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Addiction Therapy, Addiction Treatment Questions. People mainly come to us mostly by recommendation or using  Google, and have various Addiction Questions  Some of us may have an addiction problem and seek addiction help, treatment for addiction,  addiction cure? And have a range of following  typical  addiction questions:

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Hypnotherapy for Addictions Dubai at;
Hypnotherapy Addictions Dubai/UAE, best help expert 
stop smoking hypnotherapy Dubai, best expert

Hypnotherapist &  Hypnotherapy Addiction specialist London,UK, USA and Spain in person or skype treatment with Craig Santini leading Addiction expert and one of the most recommended,  searches include;

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Best addiction hypnotherapist London, Uk, USA, Dubai,   For all these questions and more
contact  The Ultimate Therapist Craig Santini-G

Clients visit The Ultimate Therapist and Hypnosis Expert Craig Santini-G from all over the UK- USA -Dubai – UAE and Europe.

UK  London clinic in Harley Street, W1. (and other London and UK Locations) click here for more information.