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Does the sound of people eating etc, put you in an anger or rage? Are you sensitive to certain sounds?

Is selective sound syndrome or misophonia starting to dominate your life,
Do you need help with Misophonia? 

Also Help for misokinesia

misokinesia – is a deeply aversive reaction and psychological phenomenon best defined as a strong negative affective or emotional response to the sight of someone else’s small and repetitive movements, such as seeing someone fidget with their hands or foot or face.

Exclusive services help solutions worldwideHere at the Ultimate therapist  get a personal bespoke solution to help you with Craig Santini-G a globally recognised specialist expert in the treatment of severe fears, anxiety and phobias, and rapid change therapy.

His ability to tailor the best  fastest solutions for you, to transform chronic sufferers eliminate and overcome the panic and anxiety they feel has made him highly sought after around the world, and with teenagers alike.

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The word misophonia literally translates to ‘hatred of sound’.
But sufferers are only sensitive to certain sounds and have immediate negative emotional responses.
They may become enraged, defensive, try to escape the trigger noise or spiral into a panic attack.
Common triggers include chewing, breathing, sniffling, typing on keyboards, plastic wrappers crinkling, dogs barking, television sounds, pen clicking, texting, snoring and sneezing.

In short, it’s like feeling an immense amount of anger in you when hearing an unpleasant noise!  It’s important to remember that everybody experiences misophonia in a different way, but people are often triggered most by those they are closest to.

It’s such a difficult and misunderstood anxiety for people to understand. non-sufferers can’t understand it as it seems like lack of tolerance or self-control If you do not have it you cannot possible understand what it feels like to be misophonic. The sufferer may develop a hypersensitivity to everyday noises, and naturally, all this can have a devastating effect on a sufferer’s personal family or many times working life and relationships.

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How Can Misophonia be cured/stopped?

The Good news is Craig does a lot of work with Misophonia (4S or Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome) it is actually a lot more common then people realize and he has been curing many people over the years specifically with this around the world…  and easily via skype/zoom live  video session using his rapid therapy techniques and approaches he has developed.


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Craig’s special therapy & approach for Misophonia that he’s Developed, is extremely fast over a  single or few sessions with a program totally tailored specifically to you …That changes the initial Root Cause and meaning,

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Craig consistently works with some of the most severely affected clients, both emotionally and physically- no matter how long you have had the problem or the years –  he gets profound results with his  expertise & cutting edge solutions specifically phobia fears &  trauma based issues. he has successfully treated hundreds of clients over the years who maybe like you, have not benefited from previous therapies…  Learn more Now – here on this page and the related links.

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Leading  choice Treatment, including Advanced  clinical Hypnotherapy,
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If you have any interest in making a big breakthrough or change in your life this is for you.  Craig’s unique rapid results approaches in person or by skype & zoom  video session are highly successful and totally changing people’s  lives, leaving clients fear-free and ready to enjoy life again at a whole new level.

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alt=Nearly every misophoniacs I have worked with & treated believed there is no cure – a myth unfortunately perpetuated often by misophoniacs  group support forums and  sufferers on youtube etc. This is simply  not true! Every year is a common phobias I help people with –  Craig Explains. 

At the Ultimate therapist  we have successfully treated many cases of Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome or Misophonia . and actually is one of the most common phobias!

Infact, not any given month goes by in our office without inquiries globally from people who are acutely suffering with this sound sensitivity anxiety phobia – you are not alone…and work with a great deal of professional individuals and business people men and women and teenagers  etc suffering with this!

What you need to know and getting Craig’s help today:

 Misophonia Cure therapy specialist help in London, UK, USA, Europe, International and Skype online
with Craig Santini-G has the potential to truly change your life…

alt=If you are ready to overcome what currently feels ‘impossible’ and/or ‘challenging’ right now and would like to have a no obligation chat to  know more – This is totally personalized to your own specific goals and needs for those who work with me, it is a rapid results highly transformative experience….

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Disclaimer we are obliged to state; As with all types of therapy – results may vary
per person and are dependent on many factors.

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