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Does OCD stop you from showing up fully and enjoying life to your full potential?
Pulling the trigger OCD recovery solution, with Craig Santini-G Specialist Help for extreme cases including OCD ‘Pure O’ and all Compulsions and types of severe anxiety on this information page and links.

One of the most sought after rapid results therapy change experts, Internationally in demand –  helping people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Specialist and pure O ocd fast treatment & solutions.

On this page – Understanding OCD and how best to treat it:

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greenstar-bigDiscover the extraordinary rapid results, breakthrough techniques of Craig Santini-G he takes Hypnosis, Counselling, Therapy, Life Coaching, Modern Psychology – to Way Beyond the Next Level- the difference that makes the difference and the change that changes everything.
He can create immediate shifts in people in just a matter of a few hours…

Stress-Peak Performance-mindset 02OPTQ:  Can OCD obsessive compulsive disorder and
‘Pure O’ be cured?

You too can change areas of your life and situations that have seemed unchangeable – until now.

Free yourself from life-long blocks, crippling emotions, patterns and beliefs that hold you back…without the need for medication or the typical countless months (or years) as is the standard normal of traditional help, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), & counselling etc.

Many of the people that come to Craig for his bespoke OCD  Transformation Program hold professional and responsible jobs. They can see the impact it’s having on their personal and work lives, emotional state, relationships, and feel frustrated they can’t break the cycle and stop the Obsessive habits and compulsions.

Offering private and confidential sessions – and by Skype/Zoom changing peoples lives!

Getting Help & Locations;

Get the help and transformation you deserve in UK and London Harley St (W1), and locations; USA, Europe and International. One of the most successful experts specialist at helping clients to cure and overcome a wide range of OCD compulsions… phobias, fears, acute anxiety, destructive habits, behavioural, emotional and psychological issues.

Transforming the lives of  individuals with seemingly insurmountable challenges turn themselves around. Especially maybe where you have tried using other so called therapists or methods to-date AND without success.

*Can also easily help you via our hugely popular skype video session… all from the comfort of your own home! A complete amazing game changer for so many people… skype/Zoom live video sessions   learn more how this has has helped so many people. OCD Clients in Australia, New Zealand – and around the world.

If you are genuinely Ready and Committed, what you are about to read could be the most important year in one persons life that changes everything.

Are you looking for a fast transformational program to help you stop your compulsions, OCD or Habits affecting key areas of your life- personal, work, relationships etc… and discover a New You?

How it works – Craig will give you his unique combination of the necessary powerful Tools, Personal Development key strategies, Transformational Coaching and Advanced Hypnotherapy sessions that will help radically give you the results and change you are looking for.

Completely Bespoke for each individual client….
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From major Celebrities to CEO’s, Business Professionals, and People around the world have completely had major breakthroughs with his help and expertise, helping them get their lives back!

People from every walk of life have used Craig’s transformational range of diverse services, coaching, consultancy and experienced his private special retreats and workshops…

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greenstar-bigExperience Craig’s unique brand of Fast dynamic transformational therapy and powerful solutions and  much of his work these days can easily be done entirely via live skype video sessions with Craig!
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Your Compulsions Breakthrough Turnaround Could Be Closer Than You Think.

It’s time to stop wishing and take back control of your life…

As each person and the cause of their problem is unique, this is a fast transformational programme specifically tailored for you which gets real results – and major breakthroughs in a powerful program of around three to six sessions.

With special Advanced Hypnotherapy if required and next generation Break-through techniques and transformational coaching Craig Santini-G has developed that get profound results – however many years, difficult & extreme the problem for you!

It is all about not having your not-useful emotions negatively impact your thinking and decisions anymore!
And about Transformations on all levels…

Renowned for helping people make significant lasting changes in a very short time.

Read the rest of this information page and How Craig can specifically help you and stop your OCD.

FIRST read these information  links just below (click to expand and open on the +plus )

From the desk of Craig Santini-G

OCD is often misunderstood. There are many forms of  OCD,  obsessive compulsive disorder  (and OCD  ‘Pure O’ )  I want people to understand  is not always about rituals,  checking things,  tidying , germs or Cleaning…OCD is far more than just compulsive hand washing (which is the average uninformed person’s idea of what OCD is).

 “Everybody has thoughts that they don’t like, but the people who develop OCD in and of itself are more likely to feel that they must do something about them and must pay attention to them”.

For many, Ocd  takes the form of often never-ending  intrusive Thoughts and ways of justifying every little decision or  often traumatic thoughts. It all makes sense in your head but to explain to others, it just seems so irrational.-  which in turn creates further distress.

What is Pure OCD?
Please see next dedicated link
Pure O, is a subset of OCD
that is mostly only Obsession’s rather than rituals or compulsions like washing your hands compulsively  with ‘Pure O’  it features no outward compulsive manifestations; instead, the anxiety-inducing obsessions take place mostly in the mind often daily frequent dark thoughts and images, harming yourself or others or maybe of a sexual nature.. learn more on the other dedicated link

OCD, Depression Expert Natural healing Cure - USA-London UKWith OCD etc it is the obsessive  intrusive thought part that can be the true stress or terror for many – that make them feel compelled to do certain things.  Those frequent damn thoughts that your mind likes to latch on. Some  get scary thoughts about harm and violence, inappropriate sexual thoughts, or  I’m scared I’ll go crazy etc. All this can naturally  be incredibly debilitating and stressful constantly.

People with OCD  can major worry excessively about  security and  excessive checking, or tidiness and order,  and for many dirt and germs.  They constantly have a believe  that they may fall ill from catching things and so forth  and become  hyper obsessed with the idea that they may become contaminated or contaminate others. Ones, day to day quality of life gets greatly affected – Social life may suffer, and entire quality of life both personal and work-career and relationships .

For many people with OCD things have to be done in a certain way, even daily frequent rituals, until that is “just so in their mind.”

Compulsive Behaviour is often produced by a certain way of thought patterns and  degree of “distorted thinking”, in particular that the sufferer feel they have “no control” over the impulse.

That’s why they call OCD the “doubting disease”—because it makes you question every facet of your personality. These compulsions involve repeatedly performing actions such as hand washing, cleaning, checking, tidying, counting, hoarding or partaking in endless rumination…

Obsessions are involuntary negative thoughts, sensations, images, and many  doubts, urges and impulses,  occurring over and over in the mind and feels out of the persons control.   All of which  cause significant fear and anxiety.  The Obsessions  is often a daily battle especially with people Craig  frequently helps a lot  around the world with  their severe  OCD and ‘Pure O’  for example..

The good news

You need to realize that OCD is not a mental problem but  ultimately simply a behavioral one that can be  cured. You were not born with it and is learned  behavior. Craig can help you no matter how extreme or many years!
***And can all easily be done having live video sessions with him a total game changer for so many see  link.  

Pure O, is a subset of OCD that is mostly only Obsession’s rather than rituals or compulsions like washing your hands compulsively  with ‘Pure O’  it features no outward compulsive manifestations; instead, the anxiety-inducing obsessions take place mostly in the mind often daily frequent dark thoughts and images..

**It is also worth noting here that so called “Pure” OCD is a common colloquial term, but it is misleading, for there is no such thing as “Pure” OCD. I have yet to meet a client with Pure O who wasn’t doing significant amounts of compulsions. These compulsions are often less obvious than hand washing or door checking etc, but they are compulsions nonetheless.

Repeatedly asking for reassurance is a compulsion. Spending hours in online chat rooms reading about a particular flavour of OCD is a compulsion. Avoiding certain people, things, or situations is a compulsion. And mentally reviewing your thoughts frequently… is a compulsion.

All of these things belie the notion that those suffering with Pure O don’t have compulsions. Pure O is just OCD, and it dramatically responds well when treated with the techniques and skill set Craig helps such clients  Internationally with in person or by skype live video  OCD Transformational sessions  you can read and find out more in its entirety  further on this main page.

Pure Obsessional OCD  is often Thinking the Unthinkable, and ‘Pure O’ itself is  happening many times  a day  unwanted inappropriate images and thoughts appearing in the mind, from sudden thoughts of harming themselves or to  others  – to thoughts and images of  sexual nature and countless diverse wild thoughts that are intense and relentless. People are repulsed and desperately ashamed of these thoughts or images.  And much of what they experience happens inside the mind, they often suffer in silence.

Anxiety-phobias- fears - compulsions best expert help -USA-UK London_optMany who suffer from Pure O fear that if they admit their struggles, they’ll lose the trust of loved ones, have their children taken away, or be terminated from their jobs. Many will tend to  feel because they’ve had such a terrible thought, it must mean that they are this very  bad person or will actually act upon their thoughts. Naturally this results often  in even more anxiety and further perpetuates the intrusive thoughts-and becomes a loop.

The Obsessions  is often a daily battle especially with people Craig  frequently helps a lot with  their severe  OCD and ‘Pure O’ .

The first step is to simply get in touch, complete confidence assured.

Pure ocd is curable…Now you too can discover how to get back REAL control over your thoughts, believes  and behaviors, instead of feeling that they are all controlling you…The new you might just be a call away. Read the rest of this page to find out more and How Craig can help you.

Craig Santini Hypnosis Expert celebrity Life coach

“My approach is not about managing the issue, but to clear and get rid of it as soon as possible, then teach you how to keep it away, thrive and new version of you… There is no better feeling than changing someone’s life for the better.”

Transformational Rapid Results Welcome and thanks for checking out this page I’ve devoted my  life to creating transformational experiences, powerful breakthroughs and life-changing programs. I specialize & help people struggling with stress, depression, Compulsions  and OCD, anxiety and severe phobias and fears transform and regain control of their life, feel passionate about their future and rebuild their self esteem even if being free and truly happy seems unimaginable – and fulfill your utmost potential.

Just know that to create new results, in whatever area of your life, you must discover what you don’t know you don’t know (and usually, that requires learning it from someone else.)
My fondest hope for you as you read and watch the videos is that you begin to see through the noise of your own habitual thinking and straight to the heart of who and what you really are…It’s not about what happens on the outside. It’s about what’s happening on the inside.

Since our experience of life is really an experience of Thought, are our results commensurate with what we know, or do they seem to have more to do with what we actually do?
That’s why I’m here, to help you discover (and implement) what you’re not currently doing…Your point of view creates your reality. “Reality does not create your point of view.”
Please now take your time read this entire page and information from my support team for you – introducing the key principles that will be guiding you in learning this flexible approach to  powerful changework for your ocd and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.

Here’s to your leap. It’s time!

Signature Craig

About Craig helping you at glance please read – Through Craig’s personally developed unique transformational coaching techniques and processes, he rapidly helps individuals in overcoming problems that in the past would just seem insurmountable…He has developed a highly effective no-nonsense style of coaching therapy focusing on speedy resolutions and effective outcomes rather than just managing symptoms or that of going through problems over and over again as in many more traditional forms of help treatment therapy!

*The great news is… much of his work he can help people completely via live video sessions such as Skype – from the comfort of your own home. This has been a complete game changer for so many! Read more about that amazing service here

Sos Help Flying fearCraig is a pioneer in the field of new psychology, transformational coaching – and has the most simple and clear understanding of explaining how the mind works and how we experience reality and is one of the world’s leading Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapists and mindset expert – and is renowned for rapidly helping people treat the most difficult problems.

For over 20 years Craig’s work has changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe, who have already benefited from his unique brand of personal transformation expand their abilities, hone and achieve their unique potential –  overcome significant personal challenges and emotions and radically  improve their lives where doctors or other therapists have failed – and finally be free.

He has studied and investigated nearly every method of therapy, coaching and personal change available. He opens the door to countless possibilities and powerful change. Now, Craig’s dynamic and highly recommended approach is available to you and experience.

To help you first Craig will look at your problem and listen to you and then create the best strategy treatment approach for you with his twenty years of experience, he knows exactly which techniques are most likely to be effective for you and will completely tailor a bespoke programme to your exact unique needs and goals.
*And if you are thinking about working with Craig to help stop your anxiety, depression,  fear and panic attacks, please read here  first.

Craig’s Goal for clients is simple;
To help you achieve the positive change you want in your life personally and professionally — as quickly and as easily
as possible.

Ready to find out more? See now the rest of this page…

There are 3 key reasons why I utilize Hypnosis &  Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques and NLP for treating OCD

In addition to hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Through the use of Craig others specialized techniques he has developed we will break down your thinking feeling process and discover the triggers that cause or bring on the obsessive or intrusive thoughts. These are both the emotional or internal triggers or “defeating thoughts” you have that can cause obsessive thinking as well as the triggers within your environment.

OCD Help Expert London-USA _optOCD  can express differently in different people, but the underlying mechanism is the same….People with OCD have certain parts of their brain that are overactive showing a continuous pattern of brain activity. It is like a perpetual worry circuit has been locked on in the OCD persons brain which continues to cycle around and around, never giving them a break from the dread and anxiety of their compulsive thoughts.

It  is important to understand that for genuine lasting change to happen at the identity and feeling level – a new way of focusing the mind – must occur.

Hypnotherapy can provide benefits at two levels – both by consciously thinking in different ways and through new or changed feelings and emotions in the subconscious domain…how you think, communicate and behave.

3 key reasons why I utilize Hypnosis &  special Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques and NLP

1) Reason One: OCD is already hypnosis!
Obsessive compulsive disorder is based entirely on a pattern of thinking that you picked up and committed to memory somewhere along life’s path.

OCD isn’t really a ‘thought disorder’. It’s a ‘feeling disorder’ – even an ‘imagination disorder’. So it makes sense to help treat a ‘hypnotic condition’ with  a new focus of  quality thoughts and utilize  elements of  Hypnotherapy the special techniques I have developed and advanced Hypnotherapy.

OCD help specialist__optEvery single person of the hundreds of OCD sufferers I’ve treated over two decades recognize that their obsessions are coming from their own minds, this makes them excellent subject for hypnosis… so many described how, when they are typically obsessing or acting compulsively, they feel like they ‘space out’ and inwardly deeply absorbed -You become inwardly aware as the imagination becomes more ‘real’ than external reality.

The OCD clients feel at the mercy of their subconscious mind which they do not know how to control.
This thought process comes in the form of pictures you are creating in your minds eye, what you are saying to yourself about yourself, and how all of this makes you feel that ultimately brings you down and creates a disabling state of mind.

2) Reason Two: Hypnosis communicates with the ‘problem area part’ of the mind

The problem really resides in, and is maintained, by, their subconscious mind…In the cognitive processing of people with OCD is their failure to inhibit or shift their attention away from ongoing obsessive thoughts. In the OCD cycle, the brain gets stuck or focused on a particular thought or urge and just can’t let go.

Research in brain plasticity is showing us that when we want to change a behaviour or pattern that has become hardwired into our brains – we can. We can do this by becoming aware of the pattern of thoughts we are having, breaking that pattern through awareness and then redirecting our thoughts to the new and healthy thoughts and behaviours we have created.

Once the subconscious believes, that deleting and disposing of your OCD symptoms is in your best interests, then it will actively to do so FOR GOOD

If there is no longer any cause, there can no longer be an effect.  And decondition the anxiety around not carrying out OCD rituals.

OCD Help Children

3) Reason Three: Hypnosis  and NLP is a great way to extract the fear and set up a new pattern of thinking and behaviour in new and resourceful ways.
We create a set of personalized strategies and coping mechanisms for you that allow you to maintain the most optimal state of mind and emotional resourcefulness in any given situation What if YOU could become totally relaxed with the thought of – and the reality of – not checking, or washing your hands, cleaning and so forth?

The power would be taken away from the OCD right there. OCD is fuelled in and of itself by fear. When healed on the deep subconscious level where the original traumatizing event occurred, the person is able to stop the OCD behavior because the triggering event is neutralized of its power!

Craig’s  extraordinary results and sought after diverse expertise in demand worldwide speak for themselves…

 Life beyond OCD limits –  The good news is, Let’s Change that Now

The new you starts here – Believe in better…

Is OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder  restricting and impacting your work-career, personal life and relationships?
Do you want to stop but  really struggle to break the cycle of OCD?

Are You A Business Professional Seeking Confidential Support To Stop your OCD, anxiety and compulsions? 

Perhaps you’re tired of thinking “I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work?

OCD Phobias-Anxiety-Expert Help Specialist-USA-Uk- London-Spain- UAEStop OCD Expert help
fast, highly effective Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment and ‘Pure O’ 
Intrusive thoughts:

In, UK and London (W1) , Hollywood, USA, New York, Denver, Marbella-Barcelona, Madrid, Spain, Dubai, International bespoke service and via skype/zoom.

The OCD  Hypnotherapy and Transformation Coaching Program is like no other…especially for extreme cases.

Deep Core Life changes…OCD cannot exist without underlying anxiety and it is this which fuels the disorder. Get rid of the anxiety and very quickly,  the obsessions and compulsions fly away OCD cannot be created. This is the case in every single OCD client we have helped, without exception.

Craig mindset coach_optWatch the magic quickly happen…
All Phobias, fears, anxiety is produced from the  illusion of your own thoughts, what you saying to yourself (internal chatter),  and what your imaging (literally making up stuff that’s  going to happen to you or will happen) so in short you experience a thought and then FEEL it as if its real in
your body. 


Craig has developed a deep and transformational  step-by-step process with the thought, mind-body link connection…and the way the behaviour (fear-anxiety) “gets developed” within the body –  you experience that your whole environment seems to be tinted with the quality of the reactive emotion….he unlocks and reverses this and behaviour patterns for true freedom. Because that’s what you get when you eliminate these subtle but powerful forms of conditioning.


In short Craig has created a  powerful and successful approach with his life changing personalized highly tailored specific program helping to resolve and correct the root cause, your  severe anxiety compulsions and OCD, naturally and completely  on all levels, emotions, behaviour and body symptoms!


You will learn how to quickly change your  old intrusive thoughts and response to anxiety and daily life events by changing your neurological pathways in your brain,  remove underlying core issues – and create a deeper empowering understanding of yourself. You will develop your ability to feel calm, in control, grounded and balanced, and develop your key new inner resources, security and confidence like never before – and becomes a new  default natural and normal response. As a result you will be free to experience the new version of you and ultimately life you want!


Heart-Healing-ArrowsOCD  & Pure O Treatment Best Expert Help, Ready to make fast changes in your life?
What you NEED to know and the next steps to get started…

People around the globe have completely had major breakthroughs with his One-of-a-kind expertise helping them get their lives back!

Are you ready for a conversation that changes everything for you?

The Ultimate Therapist
*Hypnosis, *Rapid change therapy* Coaching and so much more…

OCD Expert Help Treatment Specialist
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greenstar-bigPeople around the world  who thought they would never be free of their intrusive thoughts and behaviours anxiety and OCD  now experiencing new found freedom


OCD Help Expert Treatment Uk-London-USA -Ireland-Spain-Dubai SkypeCraig Santini-G is the confidential Go-to Guy his expertise has helped many clients from an array of different backgrounds to heal and move forward in their life. END their Anxiety, addictions and OCD compulsions… Discover how to get back REAL control over your thoughts, responses  and behaviours, change emotional states instead of feeling that
they are controlling you.

The first step is to simply get in touch, complete confidence assured.

OCD  therapy  bespoke program sessions are available in Harley Street in London,  and UK, USA  Locations, Spain, Dubai  and also via Skype live video! A powerful program consisting of around three to six sessions, though this is subjective to how severe a person’s OCD  or Pure O is.

Simply set up a conversation to explore more how Craig can specifically help you-serious enquiries only.

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Disclaimer we are obliged to state; As with all types of therapy – results may vary
per person and are dependent on many factors..

The Complete Mind Therapy Approach.

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