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At a glance; If you are looking for Claustrophobia expert specialist, this page is for you , and how to get priority help today.
*And can even in most circumstances be completely done via Skype or zoom live video session with you.

Powerful – Fast, Effective Treatment. For fear of being trapped in enclosed places and those situations that scare you. Including Fear of CT and MRI scanners.

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Here is comprehensive information about claustrophobia, offering the best tailored rapid change treatment therapy to help you.

alt=Craig Santini-G  here at the ultimate therapist is one of the most successful phobia cure experts internationally renowned, and clients world-wide.
Rapid results, Cutting-edge solutions and clinical advanced Hypnotherapy and much more.
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Phobia expert specialist USA- UK-London-UAE Dubai-Skype onlineOn this information page,  how to overcome Claustrophobia fast… and your fears anxiety and panic – transformational expert help;

With an approach totally bespoke, tailored to provide the fastest and best results specifically for your needs.
Private, confidential one-to-one NON exposure treatment help  for YOU or someone  you care about … and the typical symptoms of Claustrophobic, high anxiety, panic. And so forth

Powerful advanced Break-Through techniques and  help  – however difficult & extreme the problem for you maybe. 

Many of the people that come to us for help have often already tried other forms of treatment that did little and failed to work for them…

Therapist specialising in severe claustrophobia – Internationally sought after

*We do NOT use exposure therapy, instead Craig uses advanced dynamic set of tools and processes that work more effectively and have a higher success rate. The majority of people really can make profound significant improvements or completely overcome claustrophobia and all their fears etc in just 1 or 2 specialised treatment appointments – as part of Craig’s highly tailored bespoke program.

In short, If you’re looking for Claustrophobia Cure – and Solving your problems You may have just found it….
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Craig Santini-G is  one of the foremost phobia experts in the world.  Helping Men and women  of all ages with panic attacks- fears etc ranging from milder anxiety to complete terror have all been helped by Craig  and are now experiencing a new found freedom! If you suffer the wait is OVER…
Now discover HOW Craig can help and transform your FEAR no matter how extreme it is.

…All now explained here that could be the gift and change you’re looking for as you take your time and read further;

  There is a fast cure for claustrophobia

  Do you tend to avoid certain events or situations?

  Are you missing out on vacations or business opportunities… 

  Enjoy freedom with fast and effective treatment – even via video skype!

  Experience a wonderful NEW & better quality of life you deserve

•  Stop Claustrophobia today…

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therapist specialising in severe claustrophobia

Do you have a fear of confined spaces?  If you feel anxious or have panic attacks about being trapped unable to get out when you want of Enclosed Places,  Elevators/Lifts etc you probably suffer with Claustrophobia…
*And if you are thinking about working with Craig to help stop your  phobia fear and panic attacks, please read here  first.

If you can relate to  typically any of the above with your challenges… like many of the people that come to Craig Santini-G  for help around the globe or you’ve been recommended his expertise,  for your  fears and phobias  – welcome you’re in the right place!

Introducing one of the best cure Phobia/ Fear Experts
a leading choice internationally… 

How we can help you Transform your Claustrophobia or someone you care about

To help you overcome your fear first Craig will look at your problem and listen to you and then create the best strategy treatment approach for you .Through Craig’s over 25 years of experience, he knows exactly which techniques are most likely to be effective for you and will completely tailor a bespoke programme to your exact unique needs and goals.

He will then use a range of powerful effective techniques and treatments over the years Craig has developed including advanced hypnosis to help you feel better sooner and achieve the best possible rapid results… Very often Craig’s expertise can dissolve the fears and panic attacks of claustrophobia in the majority of cases  just a couple of hours!

Highly sought after….

In short, we see men and women for Craig’s suite of services  from ALL walks of life and ages….And frequently many business professionals, high profile celebrities, sports figures and others in the public eye. Over 65% of new clients coming as referrals from our previous clients and global organizations we helped. Craig has unwittingly building an ‘underground’ reputation as the go-to guy ….

Every year we help more people overcome fears and anxiety and their Claustrophobia…

Contact us now for a quick informal chat to find out more about how we can specifically help you.

 Claustrophobia symptoms… & Fear of Confined Spaces 

Do you experience any of the following typical common scenarios and symptoms?

  • Avoiding situations, events, social gatherings where you may feel trapped or unable to leave
  • The thought of not being able to get out of somewhere sends you very panicky spiraling into fear
  • Trains and Planes – you can’t get on one… or are very concerned because you worry about having an anxiety attack
  • Over worrying excessively about being trapped somewhere or having a likely panic attack episode
  • Having to avoid or being unable to go in lifts, trains, even rooms where you can’t really open windows
  • Unable to have certain medical treatment procedures due to MRI scanners claustrophobia
  • Unable to close the door without being anxious or scared i.e. cubicle door in a public toilet
  • Having to sit at the end of the row in a venue eg. cinema or theatre
  • Cars (traffic jams can be a nightmare for you)
  • Constantly feeling anxious about not being able to get out anywhere when you want
  • Often needing to plan or know the quickest exit root from out of somewhere

Naturally while it’s a normal response to feel somewhat anxious at the idea of being stuck somewhere… obviously this over excessive fear, energy  and time worrying about it and mindset etc can have a dramatically negative effect on someone’s lifestyle (and possibly even their health) and  you probably have Claustrophobia.

However, fortunately there is good news with Craig’s powerful effective treatment approach the majority of people really can make significant dramatic improvements or completely overcome Claustrophobia in just 1 or 2 appointments!

Even better news is that Craig does NOT use exposure therapy. *And he helps most people these days via
skype /Zoom live video therapy help  no matter where you are in the world – a complete game changer for so many.

Contact us for a chat and discover how Craig Santini-G. can help you quickly overcome Claustrophobia.
If not now, when?

What is Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia – is Fear of confined spaces it is a learned conditioned behavioural  response…Fact is you are not born with a phobia. For many Claustrophobic’s your fear may have developed and been created in early childhood experience… For other people, the phobia begins later in life it can  develop in your teenage years or even as an adult and it effects both men and women alike.

Obviously it is normally only a mild discomfort for other people when faced with the possibility of being stuck somewhere,…however for the Claustrophobic you have  a totally different experience a much stronger intense response that can range from fear to full blown terror and possibly even severe panic attacks.

Some people can clearly recall and remember how or where their specific fear started, however numerous people are simply not aware of how the fear started and pinpoint any actual significant event that it got triggered and the fear can simply just come out of no where.

Or you may have learnt it subconsciously by seeing someone else and their reactions especially in younger life.

*Fortunately the way Craig works it’s not at all even necessary to know why or how your actual fear started and thus regardless of  even extreme acute Claustrophobia, can be successfully quickly treated.


Where Does My Claustrophobia
or ANY Phobia, Come From?

Typically Claustrophobia is an anxiety response driven fear that you have inadvertently simply programmed into your mind, The thought of being in certain situations when confronted by the phobic stimulus (lift-elevators, crowds trains etc) and sometimes, even the idea or anticipation of the situation or circumstance drives the worry about being stuck or trapped is enough to provoke the response. Either way, this typically triggers the classic fight or flight response and subsequently the person experiences stress and physical symptoms of panic attacks -and a conditioned response is born.

The fear of the anxiety leads to the Claustrophobia…it is a learned response.

They become scared because they can’t ‘escape’ triggering a large release of adrenalin into the bloodstream they may experience faster heart rate, faster breathing or a shortness of breath people often describe their reaction to something as being “paralysed with fear” or “having butterflies in my stomach” or “just wanting to literally run away” from whatever is so called triggering the fear.

Many diverse things can trigger off a Claustrophobic attack such as being in elevators and lifts, maybe the fear (or previous experience) of becoming stuck between floors, on airplane trips, perhaps at an event and crowded rooms or with windows that can’t be opened, cubical toilets, MRI scanners or a subway tube, or train that has stopped in tunnels….and so forth.

As you can see-people learn their fear in various different ways and at different times in life however because they are leant behavioural responses they can be completely changed…

Remember fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind…

Your NEXT Steps and HOW Craig Santini-G can help YOU transform your Claustrophobia
& Fear,  no matter how extreme it is…

*Imagine how life is NOW going to be better after you’ve overcome Claustrophobia!

Gold star rating celebrity life coach

#1 Choice of celebrities, business professionals – and countless people world-wide
Craig Santini-G and his expertise, services & solutions.
that can help you too in so many ways…

Test flying thingNow that you have an  understanding of the symptoms and reasons of  Claustrophobia… and why it feels like it’s happening to you. However because it’s a learnt response the fear can be stopped. Craig’s transformational coaching help more people overcome this fear so you can feel better sooner.

The past doesn’t equal the future!  You are NOT your behaviour, and your mind is so powerful beyond belief that you absolutely have the power to change any unwanted behaviour.

‘How Are You Going To Cure My Claustrophobia?’
A powerful effective approach that simply WORKS…

In short, Craig will re pattern the way you think about previous triggers and situations creating deep, powerful, lasting and natural change…. By creating new associations and  re-programming mind-body existing unconscious thoughts that produce the panic attacks, Craig will simply help you to replace those feelings of anxiety and other negative emotions with a feeling of calmness and control.

Putting you back in control of your own life
Using next generation techniques including advanced hypnotherapy, Craig has developed he can simply re-pattern mind-body existing  thoughts that produce the panic attacks, change your associations and replace them with a new more useful response based on how you want to feel in that situation i.e. feeling calmer & more relaxed and appropriate feelings your new behavioural response….

Craig’s s powerful combination of specific methods and solution focused approach to quickly remove your fear – new behavioural response, and puts you back in control!

The benefits, and why many choose
Craig Santini-G  at the Ultimate Therapist

Craig image 1A__OptmNo matter who you are personally or professionally or where you come from, please know you can be assured that Craig and his friendly caring  support team will do our best to help you…
ALL services and treatment with us is totally confidential.

Craig’s amazing transformational approach  is like no other, totally bespoke and tailored to your individual needs and goals to provide the best breakthrough results!

Why our approach works more effectively

Many of the people that come to Craig Santini-G for help have often already tried other people and forms of treatment that did little and failed to work for them.

*Unlike a number of other therapy methods  he doesn’t  go digging around  looking into the past analyzing for deep hidden meanings and
Craig does NOT use exposure techniques. Instead he takes a direct totally solution focused approach that create rapid lasting results….working with the problem as it manifests in your consciousness, to help you overcome your fear quickly and know that people can change because  every year he already helps  many other people just like you Transform Claustrophobia  and have freedom in your life.

How long will it take?

From our experience we typically find that in the majority of cases  Claustrophobia is treatable in 1 to 3 specialised treatment appointments sessions.  with clients either making profound  significant improvements or overcome the fear totally and in some cases achieving this in just one session. How is your life going to be better after the fear has gone? 

An ever increasing number of our global clients weekly recommend Craig’s exceptional expertise  to friends, family, support groups, forums and colleagues. You simply do not  have to suffer or in silence any more.

Let us help your fears and  Claustrophobia today!

  • Rapid Results, effective treatment for extreme cases….
  • Transformation sessions even by skype live video (game changer!)
  • Tailored bespoke programs to provide the best results for you
  • Helping you overcome your biggest fears sooner
  • Over 18 years experience in successfully helping people overcome acute severe phobias, anxiety – Claustrophobia…
  • Powerful treatment without using exposure style therapy
  • A kinder caring approach that makes it easier for you
  • Private, confidential one to one treatment International locations or by live video skype session – wherever you are…
  • A fast effective total solution focused approach giving you
    freedom from Claustrophobia you deserve

We hope we’ve answered your questions and by now, you’re ready to make this change. You’re in great hands  and the sooner you get in touch, the sooner you’ll make a difference and be the change you want!

Disclaimer: As with all types of therapy – results may vary per person and are
dependent on many factors..

Every year we successfully help more people transform & overcome their severe Claustrophobia….
Arrange a Special  Breakthrough Strategy * Consultation
to discover and  find out more about how we can specifically  help YOU and Craig’s amazing Rapid Results Phobia Special tailored treatments or SOS service that are available to you… And can be easily done via video skype!
           *Note limited slots – exceptionally busy demand for ALL our services.

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