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Transformational rapid results techniques and advanced hypnotherapy with success coaching/ Counselling – Personally tailored therapy program to help problems with gambling addiction.

Ask yourself these key questions about your gambling addiction or habit:

Is it time Now for you to stop compulsive gambling?
Is gambling ruining your life or relationships?
What is the cost to you personally of being an addict or maintaining this compulsive habit?
In harm risks to your physical and emotional health?

Gambling addiction can happen to anyone from all walks of life and is rising sharply. But new cutting-edge ways to tackle it are emerging, and Craig Santini-G is playing a part in the solution. He offers effective specialist addiction treatment one of the best successful in helping people around the world achieve freedom.

It is possible to quit and stop gambling for good. 

International clients: USA, UK, Europe

Craig often works with a high proportion of Business professionals, city financial services, celebrities & sports figures whose stresses are a mix of demanding jobs and the pressures of home. Women who need help for their gambling seek Craig’s help with their secret struggles. And gambling habits they want to stop.

Expert in Gambling Addiction and consultant

Gambling addiction for women expert help therapy -Usa, UK, London, Europe

Area of specialization is compulsive gambling addiction in men and women, for ANY Gambling including to name just some here:

  • Card games, poker, and so forth
  • Gaming and slot machines
  • online internet betting
  • Casino, roulette etc
  • Horse racing, Dog track,
  • Professional Football games, cricket, NFL and all sport gambling help.
  •  For ANY issues with gambling addiction please contact for expert help in stopping today.

Problem gamblers engage in gambling for a variety of different reasons. In addition to the emotional highs or joy that may be experienced when gambling (and winning) other reasons often typically include the escape from negative feelings and mood states, the strong desire for a buzz from taking risks and temporarily ‘numbing out’ an individuals problems past or present.

The good news is….  your addiction exists in your mind, and is manifested in your behavior and is reinforced by your emotions. Because it has a pattern and no one is born with any gambling addiction it means that it can be broken.

Even if a gambling addict manages to limit their gambling to prevent the impact it has on those around them, the secretive behaviours associated with a gambling addiction can cause strain in their relationships.

Some of the symptoms of a problem gambler may include:

  • Increased loss of control over gambling
  • The need to gamble with increasing larger amounts
  • Chasing your losses
  • Increased preoccupation with gambling
  • Being secretive about their finances, working to conceal how much they’ve bet and how much money they have lost.

No matter what kind of addiction to gambling you may have, it can take a serious toll on your physical and psychological health. Increased lying and concealing of gambling activity  Emotional problems such as depression, stress, anxiety. Panic attacks, sleep disturbance,

There can also be a lot of guilt associated with a gambling addiction as the individual is likely to be aware of just how intensely it is affecting them.

Gambling addiction Help for seniors in Las Vegas Nevada,

As more and more seniors move to Las Vegas, for the warm dry climate, they get hooked without realizing the danger. The problem is gambling has become for more and more a worrying somewhat nightmare for the growing senior community.
And so with lots of free time they are often sucked in by the casino-oriented mentality of glitz and gaming on their door step. Las Vegas attracts retirees from all over the USA country and before they know it what started off as entertaining pastime they get hooked and addicted to gambling without realizing the danger.

Craig is seeing more and more seniors come to him for help with this problem and growing trend. Many end up gambling their homes, cars, and practically everything else they have earned during their lifetime – away and is very sad to hear.

No matter who you are… Is all this a price you want to continue to pay?  Ready to stop?

Best help treatment for gambling and highly tailored to you

The special treatment approach for the various types of gamblers vary somewhat client to client, hence Craig’s therapy treatment will be bespoke tailored to fit with your specific needs.  In short, the best help to offer the most focused and targeted services possible.
Transformational techniques to uncover, understand and resolve the root cause of your own problem, and by using hypnotherapy where appropriate and reducing the risk of relapse in the process

Every single day is another chance to turn it all around…

Addiction, expert help and hypnosis USA, UK, London, Europe, UAEAdvanced Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

Hypnosis, NLP  can deal with gambling addiction in just a few sessions.Advanced Hypnotherapy to stop gambling can be very effective, as one of the things it works deep within the unconscious mind and acts to turns off the mental triggers and habitual patterns that bring about the activity and wanting the “high” and excitement that keep the gambler going back for more.

How to Stop your gambling habit/ addiction

Craig will help you with his unique combination of  Expert Hypnosis approach & next generation techniques to re-programme the thoughts and feelings allowing the gambler to feel like that of an ex-gambler – retrain their thinking to neutralize the ‘triggers’ that bring about the gambling behavior. And experience freedom from the compulsion to gamble

Where and locations Gambling expert help and by Skype:
This can all easily be done via skype or zoom video live session with Craig or London Harley St  W1, and other Uk locations, USA, depending on his travel schedule please enquire in the strictest of confidence.

How long does the work take?
This is a special program of some bespoke sessions required to help you stop compulsive gambling  the average is 2 – 4, though please appreciate obviously it varies from person to person and their unique needs.  In short, Craig’s  aim is always to provide rapid effective help.

Fees vary person to person for this tailored program  please see fees guide booking information
Please feel free to get in touch regarding your personal circumstances.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.  No therapy can give you a 100% guarantee of a cure.

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