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“You Changed  my life… and my work”

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Please read this page – BEFORE contacting us:

*Private Therapy, Coaching & Services
• Fees varies & Options.
*Most clients require only 1-2 appointments to make a transformational massive difference….

Rapid change Therapy and coaching fees or bespoke program packages come in all shapes and sizes – depending on scope of work of the situation/problem, and its dynamics or training, consultancy engagements, and so forth. Please simply read this page to learn more.

Every individual has their own requirements, goals and so forth – everything is totally tailored to suit your individual needs. Also, you may be looking for specialist coaching, or therapy help etc, in one area or multiple areas – so fees/ duration session varies.

alt=We ask that you arrange to speak with Craig
via the contact us page, and he is then able to give you a personalized quotation on discussing things with you.

*Be sure to Read further in the page for fees guide
*(Note; some actual Help/Solution therapy services, programs, retreats and events prices/fees are quoted
over on those pages as and where appropriate).

Fees and Booking a Private Client Session /Programs with Craig Santini-G
At the ultimate therapist we care about one thing and that is results.
Craig’s 1-2-1 session and programs are transformational, bespoke and specifically designed to your unique needs, goals and so forth.
Helping people ALL over the world and from the comfort of your own home – Available via live video for ONLINE session or in your hour of need, hugely popular!

Decision + Action = CHANGE

Craig transforms deep-rooted problems seemingly effortlessly…
“My aim when I work with clients is to enable them to have a resolution to their issue in the
shortest time possible.”

Rapid Change Therapist. Mindset & High Performance Coaching
“Helping you get from where you are…

to where you want to be.”

For your success, happiness and make a positive difference…

Best therapist London Uk SpeakamansFor over 25 years helping countless people around the world to:
free themselves from limiting and often debilitating problems…

Or achieving their most audacious, personal and professional goals. Be the best version of yourself, and much more.


A caring and compassionate service where client confidentiality is paramount.

Our Fees Guide – Read this for overview;

Over the years we have found the following to be an excellent way of working with clients
to ensure that they receive the maximum results and optimum solution
in the most cost effective manner.

* Important;
Rather than most therapists charge you each time per session…We can explore & look at different options and arrange to set up an initial chat, a no obligation discovery assessment consultation (usually via skype video or telephone) for us both to get a better idea how we would work together. I am happy to discuss treatment strategies with people who would like to know more about how I work and how I would then treat their particular issue.

We will assess your needs and THEN I will be able to give you ideas of a suggested program package or bespoke session intensive that best fits you – and we simply can agree the overall specific fee to get my help and changes you want. Including typically such as for severe phobias-fears, eating disorders, weight issues, addictions, extreme trauma, PTSD and so forth. *Can be done via skype /zoom video conference session from the comfort of your own home.

Breakthrough Change Session with Craig and fees:
Duration varies • Price varies
Your Highly tailored session Starts from: £175 UK Pounds
**NOTE and for All other countries use a currency converter and USA Clients refer to USA dollars (see converter here)

Therapy help - hypnosis expert session fees Local

Craig is known to get very successful rapid results – and People want change that is fast, and that can have the biggest impact in the shortest possible time. Which is totally possible.

*Provides a custom-fit bespoke session or programme to match individual needs. As naturally, no two people will take the same length of time due to personal situations, circumstances, goals, and unique dynamics etc.


Some therapy services Help & programs, a fees guide specifically for that, are quoted over on those pages as and where appropriate. *Do Check the main menu navigation. *Simply arrange for a no obligation chat to discuss your own needs

*If the issue or challenge is more complex or multiple different issues then this done via a special taylored package:
Treatment plan are tailored to the individual client and their presenting problem, so this is usually something best discussed on an individual basis. For best optimum solution.

Day of change – Breakthrough Transformational Day & Interventions…
This is geared toward getting the greatest amount of improvement on several personal issues, and in the shortest amount of time. This special option change work intensive, are for breakthrough interventions that require much more time than a conventional session for those clients wanting to focus efforts on speedy resolutions – and Perfect for those with stubborn issues holding you back.

This is an extraordinary powerful half or full day of his rapid change therapy or high performance coaching

Craig’s techniques & deep Transformational Coaching Program – and his special Advanced Hypnotherapy if as necessary.
*Ideal for possible multiple issues, Complex trauma, and to help solve your own most pressing theme of your choosing.
Totally bespoke and exclusive service. Can likely be done via skype /zoom video conference session.
Day of change
***Full details see here to view page****
Hugely popular! So waiting list often applies.
Your investment:
Intensive half day starts at £850,
Full day Starts From ; £1,500
USA clients; same in $ dollars

* All sessions/programs are payable in full prior to commencing
Please see our Terms & Conditions apply for all clients see end of page

“You are an individual and if you work with me you will receive a truly individual treatment.” 

Complete taylor made bespoke services and solutions
for every single client!

How to Book Consultations and Private Client Sessions
with Craig Santini-G

If you  want to  arrange a call –  and explore more how I can specifically help you and perhaps working together just familiarize yourself with my  Who I work with page and brief snapshot  notes –  please  then when you are ready,  just simply click below on the button to head over to the contact us page have a read –  and then myself and my support team will be delighted to hear from you !

booknow (1)

We are obliged to state. Results may vary client to client.
(As with ANY therapy, coaching, personal goals etc requires the client be committed to change and be prepared to make the effort to make that change a reality in their own lives.)

Craig is frequently asked to travel to the client /family location anywhere in the world.
He offers  customized  and specific solutions that fit each client to solve their own most pressing problems, complex challenges, or severe phobias fears where maybe for example  they are unable to leave the home e.g   Agoraphobia  Craig’s amazing expertise.

Your Investment in You;
to be discussed directly with Craig and all the dynamics and logistics involved…

Payment is due in full prior to starting our first agreed session, program or service. Once we have spoken and agreed to work together and your  fee investment – this payment  must be made in full. You will simply receive normally an email from me to please pay this invoice.  So I can commence putting together your program… developing and working on it, creating clients notes for you and other dynamics.
Payment is usually due within 24 hours after our initial discovery strategy conversation – meeting,  and is required to hold your appointment times ready to start.

Your First session time – we would  normally have already arranged the specific day and time etc to commence our first work together.

How to pay – I welcome payments by bank transfer, cash and cheque or online by PayPal once  actually cleared and paid we can start our work together.
*This payment  can be done by using my PayPal  online secure option in minutes  (You don’t need a PayPal account to pay in this way and it’s a very simple process to complete) Once payment is received you will get an automatic confirmation email  and have a welcome pack clients simple notes sent also  by email to you.

Terms & Conditions
Please ensure you are on time for your appointment. It is likely that there will be an appointment booked immediately after yours and as a result any lateness will reduce the time available for your own session.
Cancellation Policy
Please note I operate a busy practise, as a result if you have to cancel your agreed appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice. This ensures fairness to other clients who are waiting for an appointment. If you must cancel, or reschedule, an appointment due to an emergency, please notify us as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration.

Any Information discussed in the session is completely confidential. An exception to this would be if the client is deemed to be a danger to themselves or to others or if there is any legal reason for disclosure.
If you arrive for your appointment intoxicated or under the influence of recreational drugs we reserve the right to stop the appointment or decline seeing you.
Client may receive various agreed sessions as needed to achieve result.
*Legal Disclaimer we are obliged to say  – an individuals typical results may vary and are not allowed ethically to guarantee specific results –  as it is impossible to guarantee human behavior or compliance and whether a client carries out agreed simple tasks or exercises to help and assist  them between any sessions.. We do pledge our 100 % efforts to help you to the sincere best of our abilities and we sincerely want you to succeed!

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By providing your digital signature on the registration page, paying  any fee or your deposit or submitting your intake forms, you accept all terms and conditions as written here.
please visit terms and condition page here.

If you have any questions; please feel free to Contact Us.

Value only has value if it’s
value is valued…

Ready? Now spark the change  you want to see…
The greatest investment you will ever make is in yourself

Clients visit The Ultimate Therapist and Hypnosis Expert Craig Santini-G from all over the UK- USA -Dubai – UAE and Europe…

Craig Santini Success coach, hypnosis expert, NLP, USA-London-UK InternationalFor  London and Uk in person help;  depending on availability  Craig  has various UK  London clinic and Harley Street, W1.  there may be a waiting list for new clients and Craig will endeavour to be flexible location and such room hire for new clients wishing to work with him in person. Do please appreciate he does not work full time from any specific location, and his International  travel and other possible schedule commitments.
**Craig’s highly popular Live video sessions  using skype, zoom or similar may likely get an earlier help as a great option. read the link to learn more.

Craig takes Hypnosis, Counselling, Therapy, Life Coaching, modern Psychology –  to Way Beyond the Next Level…