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Welcome to the contact us page and information.
*** Note ***
The BEST way to Initially Contact Craig Santini-G  we prefer is via our  email Contact Form  at the bottom of the page.

Craig will  do his best to prioritize people on his important lists for any urgent cases or impacting people almost daily etc,
do let him know. And thank you for reaching out for possibly Craig’s help – he works Internationally various locations,
And Zoom and skype live video session.

alt= BEFORE Contacting us this is important;


Two quick important things BEFORE you actually contact us on this page – and complete the simple form;

If you are thinking about working with Craig;

1) please Be Sure  you have read the who he works with page here first BEFORE contacting him below. Craig is selective with who he chooses to work with. And naturally prefers not to waste your time or his.  In short he wants to just be sure you are aware of your own role you need to play in getting his help and working together – and the simple but important criteria he expects from people no matter who they are!
Is that Ok?

2) About Fees, programs sessions
Craig creates highly personalized special tailored programs, session and interventions and so his fees are bespoke and reflect this. From a single session up to 90 minutes maybe all that is required  – other dynamics &  situations are more complex.
His fee guide which is is clearly explained you should see here  fees and booking info page   so you have some clarity
before contacting him – many thanks!

We would be delighted to hear from you once you have Seen & read the two page links above… 

*Please appreciate we ask only contact Craig and his team If you are a genuine enquiry as to wanting actual help
or one of Craig’s services  & expertise for your situation or someone you care about.

(We are Not Interested in Contributing to peoples Blogs etc, or SEO google ranking consultants you will be ignored if you contact us).

Here Now is the information to contact Craig and his client care support team

*Please simply use the Email form below*

if you would like to NOW contact Craig to possibly set up a telephone or  live video Zoom/skype brief strategy session to chat and explore how best he might help you and solutions.

When you fill out the form below
** please do NOT just give a one or two sentence help request to us   as we do not want to go back and fro with emails.
And if you do this, then we will NOT  likely reply back to you!

Do not just for example give a basic sentence 
such as saying I need help for;  anxiety or gambling addiction, or OCD Help, phobia-fear of flying in planes etc, Craig is non the wiser, explain more – to help him help you – thank you!

As appreciate any given day we can receive numerous enquiry help emails.

DO NOTE be sure to include the following;

Explain your goal or situation and problems The more specific and what’s going on for you – the better we can respond accordingly.

Simply let Craig know 3 key things to include in Brief;

1) How long the problem has been going on.
And what your actual specific key issues is for wanting help with – and briefly tell us in what ways the impact is having on you.
Is it also affecting maybe even your work employment, by you having this?  Explain or the impact even on perhaps certain family members because of what you have.
All useful feedback for Craig –  *and to possibly be able to prioritize certain situations.

2) What other therapies or help you may have tried, when was the last time, and WHY in brief you think in your opinion they never ultimately helped you?

3) Your ideal outcome you want to achieve…
What do you want?  Simply tell Craig what breakthrough transformation goal outcome you are actually specifically wanting and looking for that will be the big difference that makes the difference for you!

With these 3 key point we ask and covered above, Craig will then have much more of a complete picture to go on – Which allows him to identify possible solutions to your unique situation and personal goals.

reminder please BEFORE contacting us & completing the form, Be SURE you have read these 2 pages namely the
Fees and booking,  
Who we work with pages info, or click the links to read.

In your message below- Please be specific, take your time… and tell anything you feel is relevant so Craig can do his very best to support you.

*Craig Santini-G or his care support team will get back to you usually within 48 hours in the rare occasion that if you don’t hear  please resend.
*** NOTE: check your Junk/spam folder in case it somehow is in there.

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(So we know time zones etc)
(Please do use paragraph breaks as easier for us to read, *Important* Be sure to include things as mentioned on this page, so we can best respond.

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Whatever the change. Whatever the goal.
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