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Are you suffering with chronic pain? 
Or Unexplained  Physical Pain Help?

Pain can affect you both physically and mentally leading to increased Stress levels/Anxiety & Depression.

What you’ll find on this special page is a simple, powerful and extremely effective way to eliminate your physical pain. Including Chronic Pain, Arthritis, back, shoulder pain or past trauma accidents, migraines, fibromyalgia and many more… can all be eliminated in just one session… 
You Don’t Have To Live Your Life Just “Coping” With Physical Pain! 

Are you fed up with endless trips to the GP?
Are you tired of taking drugs and poisoning your body for a short period of respite?
Would you do anything for a good night’s sleep?
Is the chronic pain leading you to have a lower quality of life?
Moving in certain ways give you dread?

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A profound opportunity for the treatment relief
 of  physical pain and Transformation therapy

Physical pain doesn’t need to limit your life any longer.
Here’s How To Get Rid of It Once And For All…

From the desk of Craig Santini-G renowned Rapid Change therapist, Hypnosis expert and much more

Are you living with pain often on a daily basis?
Feeling down all the time?
Taking lots of medication?

Many chronic pains can be resolved long term or permanently,
with a Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy session.

You do not need to live with chronic pain!

New pain is a response to let you know that you have an injury or need medical investigation. It is necessary. When your condition has been diagnosed, or healed, and you are still in pain, this is known as chronic pain

The chronic pain message is not held at the point of pain, that is purely the receptor. The pain is held in the brain. This is why you need a treatment that addresses the pain at source. Chronic pain can be completely switched off!

Available in person or over a video link, (skype or zoom) the session will give you your life back.

Pain can be such a debilitating condition and I want to help as many people around the world benefit from my experience as a Hypnotherapist and Pain Management specialist. Having had the privilege of helping my clients significantly improve the quality of their lives month after month and year after year. Clients often describe that they had been medically evaluated on many occasions, but the doctors were unable to find the cause of the pain, or a successful treatment to relieve it.

Chronic Pain is something you can remove rather than manage and to lead happier, healthier,
and more fulfilling lives.

How to get pain relief regardless of what pain you have; Backpain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, knee pain, migraines… whatever physical pain you’re dealing with…


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Help people out of pain Enhancing your quality of life by reducing or eliminating persistent pain.
In short, Switching off old unnecessary a pain message that can leave you free from pain.

To simplify –  in neuroscience, placing our attention on pain in the body makes pain exist, because the circuits in the brain that perceive pain become electrically activated. If we then put our full awareness on something other than pain, the brain circuits that process and pain and bodily sensations can be literally turned off.. and the pain goes away…. Craig shows the mind how to do this.

Using his cutting-edge next generation rapid change techniques and also advanced Hypnosis therapy taps into the strong mind/body connection and helps to harness the power of the mind to control thoughts about pain.

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management does it work?

Hypnosis therapy for pain management can accomplish two key goals:

  • Immediate pain relief
  • Control over future pain through learned fast self-hypnosis

Note* Craig uses various special transformation techniques aside from if required elements of hypnotherapy to help clients with pain management and removal as well as releasing trauma, stress and emotional blocks the mindy/body connection holding it in place at an unconscious level.

Pain removal – This does not mean that we want to eliminate, or hide, pain that is related to a correctable medical condition. Craig’s techniques and his clinical advanced Hypnosis will instead work to do away with unnecessary pain and discomfort. Hypnotherapy for pain is also effective in dealing positively with the inevitable negative, emotional aspects that come with chronic pain. Hypnosis can help you gain more control over the pain, and help you gain more comfort.

My breakthrough Solution for Pain Relief program session is the most cutting-edge program for releasing physical pain fast.

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A. The longer you have had the pain the more likely it is that it no longer serves a purpose – you are aware of it – nothing can be done (medically) and your doctor prescribes pain relief. These are all signs that the old pain message is redundant. All that is required is for us to convince your unconscious mind of it.

*Traditional solutions for pain relief completely miss the underlying causes of physical pain the emotional components play…
Take the phrase “this pain is killing me” and you can see that is never true but will affect how you feel.

We’ve been taught to seek out by doctors include things like surgeries, injections, and medications and none of them ever seem to have very fast or lasting results.

Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy 
Craig’s results with helping people relieve chronic pain speak for themselves…

Greatly Reduce or Eliminate Chronic Physical Pain
These techniques has helped countless hundreds of people around the world
eliminate pain and it can do the same for you!…

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* It’s important to note that pain is typically a sign that something is going wrong within the body. Though headaches for example can be relieved instantly through techniques Craig shows you, clients should make sure there is no serious underlying cause that is going untreated
In most cases that involve unusual pain, We recommend that the client obtain a referral from a doctor. And in some situations, Craig may leave some small sensation of pain in order to make sure the person seeks proper medical care to address the root cause.