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Up to date topics for Personal development and optimum peak performance mindset strategies
And rapid change personal transformation Therapy approaches
and subject matters  –  Various topic ideas quick glance:

  • Addictions and breaking the cycle – why so called celeb rehabs often fail.
  • More Professional business people increase alcohol drinking reliance in the evenings to unwind
  • Stress and changing it and work place stress, Executive burnout increasing
  • Emotional resilience
  • Anxiety
  • Fears & severe phobias.. and how to change them fast
  • Trauma PTSD  And does not have to take countless months to change it –  one or two sessions!
  • Confidence issues and how to enhance it in key areas
  • Weight  struggle issues and self sabotage emotional eating stop the cycle
  • Teenagers and young people stress, confidence issues,  social media pressure, exams etc.

And other subject matter please enquire, Craig is International based any given time.